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Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

Turning at Putney
22nd August 2017

Lighting-up time
22nd August 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U14 of 2017
Barn Elms Reach - Hammersmith Bridge - Restricted Headroom

U13 of 2017
Horse Reach (Lower) to Mortlake Reach (Upper) - Temporary Water Quality Monitoring Buoys

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Mortlake to Barn Elms Reach - River Closures - 2017-18 Head of the River Races

Captain's Log

Latest news, requests, moans and cajoling from the skipper

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  • Captain's Log 15/10

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 22nd October 2017

    Racing Post

    Pairs Head provisional results:

    15:33.2 - Bart/Gav - 6th in Mas.BC.2-
    18:53.2 - Neil/Otters - 3rd in Mas.H.2x
    19:51.1 - Chris/Tony - 4th in Mas.H.2x
    Congrats to Jackie, Ali and Lesley from BBLRC on their provisional category wins.


    On the weekend 21/22 October, the Bungalow committee has arranged a working party to carry out some important upkeep so that the bungalow remains in tip top condition for next year, and is keen for any additional volunteers - please let Derek [ derek75@post.com] know if you can help out on either day.


    Final changes to availability by Monday night please
    For Weekend outings; please fill in a bit further ahead if you can, to help with race planning - http://www.fitclub.me/club/dashboard?clubId=15

    Crew selection priority now goes to 4s Heads crews to get in some outings together before the race, regular outings for the rest of the squad continue as normal.

    Anyone wanting to do a bit more coxing, please let me know which sessions you can do ...

    Note on land training priorities (number of regular sessions per week)

    1. Short Erg.
    2. Both Ergs.
    3. Short Erg and Weights.
    4. Both Ergs and Weights.
    [ * weights are higher priority than long ergs, but only worth it if you do both sessions regularly. ]

    This week

    [Every Day - Mobilisation, Core]
    Monday - Ergs 3 x 6km UT2, 90s rest
    Tuesday - Weights and core
    Wednesday - Erg 30' rate 20 AT
    Thursday - Weights and core
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Outings 7am & 10am, coached by Kirsty
    Sunday - Outings 7am & 10am, coach TBC

    Further Ahead

    Core Testing with Tim - 24 October
    5k Test and Henley Lunch - 28th October
    Fours Heads - 11/12 November
    Scullers Head - 2 December

    Matt Byrne

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  • Captain's Log 09/10

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 11th October 2017

    Racing Post

    A wet, windy, wintery day on the Rhine to make a change from the recent scorchers. Hoping for a sunnier one next year.

    Rhine Marathon Results:
    1. Cygnet Mas.C.4x/3.5x: 2h28 (Nick, Nick , Matt, BDF, Tichel )
    A 9-minute PB for the club captain despite rowing the final 8km of the race with one blade. Maybe there is something to BDF's pre-race Fanta regime after all.

    2. BBL W.Mas.F.4x : 2h34 (Phillippa, Jo, Ali, Jackie, Florian)
    Gold medals for winning their category. Congratulations from all at Cygnet.

    3. Cyg/BBL Mix.Mas.C.4x: 2h42 (Marj, Sue A nna , Cris, Neil, A. Steuermann)
    A cracking debut race for supersub Anna, the mixed crew unfortunately suffered the worst of the wind on the day.

    Sadly, many pigs lost their lives to provide sustenance for the party over the weekend , washed down with copious amounts of Altbier, Killepitsch, Applepitsch and Fanta.

    Big thanks to the cheer squad of Julian S, Alan, Sian, Rob, Anna Sue , Lars, and Liz for their support, and to RG Benrath for their magnificent hospitality.

    Official photos here (and on Facebook once I get round to sifting for Cygnet-themed ones)



    Availability by Tuesday night please, for weekend outing plans. http://www.fitclub.me/club/dashboard?clubId=15

    This week :

    Monday - Ergs: 3 x 6 km UT2 , 90s rest
    Tuesday - Strength and conditioning , refresher from TIM for those who missed the previous iterations.
    Wednesday - Ergs: 15 x 500m in pairs, AT
    Thursday - Strength and conditioning
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Outing 7am, Squad meeting 9am, Pairs Head 12noon
    Sunday - Outings 7am, 10am

    Further Ahead :

    Cygnet Henley Lunch, 28 October - see Stu/Cris emails for details
    Veterans Fours Head, 11 November
    Fours Head, 12 November (Minimum of 5 crew points)
    Scullers Head, 2 December

    Matt Byrne

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  • Captain's Log 01/10

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 2nd October 2017

    Brief Notes

    Quiet morning on some lovely flat water today, reports coming in of a busy morning on some bumpy stuff yesterday. Keep putting in the miles and we'll reap the rewards come race time.

    Next weekend sees a small contingent head off to visit our friends at Ruder-Gesellschaft Benrath for some Altbier and Killepitsch drinking, as well as a short* paddle** down the Rhine on Saturday morning. Looking forward to an evening Waddle around the Altstadt post-paddling.

    2 Cygnet quads have been selected for the paddle (BDF, Wylie, Nick R, and your correspondent vs Cris, Marj, Neil, and Sue) and there's also an Elite Veteran 4x from BBLRC for us to try to keep pace with.

    The following weekend sees the Pairs' Head of the River, with 2.5 Cygnet crews entered - Bart & Gav in MasB2-, Chris and Tony in MasH2x, and finally Neil J and Otters from Auriol Kensington, also in MasH2x.

    Keep an eye out for the calls for volunteers to help with the upcoming head races - we'll need some hands to push off boats, herd trailers, and hold megaphones so the events can run smoothly.

    * - 42km from Leverkusen to Dusseldorf.

    ** - race

    Availability by Monday night please, for weekend outing plans.

    This week:

    Monday - Ergs: 3 x 5km UT2 , 90s rest
    Tuesday - Strength and conditioning
    Wednesday - Ergs: 30' rate 20, AT
    Thursday - Strength and conditioning
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Outings usual times
    Sunday - Outings usual times

    Further Ahead :

    Squad meeting - TBC
    Cygnet Henley Lunch 28 October - or see Stu/Cris emails for details
    Veterans Fours Head 11 November
    Fours Head 12 November (Minimum of 5 crew points)
    Scullers Head 2 December

    Matt Byrne
    Captain, Cygnet Rowing Club

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