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Latest news, requests, moans and cajoling from the skipper

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  • Captain's Birthday Log 12/2

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 14th February 2018

    Happy Birthday to Cygnet. 128 years young.

    This week:

    • Tuesday erg: 3 x 5km UT2
    • Thursday erg: 30 mins rate 20
    • Thursday lecture: club historian Paul Rawkins is giving a talk on Cygnet RC to the Barnes History Society. 8pm at St Marys Church in Barnes.
    • Weekend: Final availability by Wednesday night please; outings at usual times (or thereabouts). Initially looks like Senior (ish) 8 Sat early, Novice 8 usual time, and a mixed bag of coxless boats Sunday early.

    Further ahead:

    25/2 Hammersmith Head - Novice 8

    I can see 9 novices available for this: Kay, Joris, Mustafa, Eric, Tom, Magnus, Barry, Ashley, Rupert, and Becky to cox. Entries have to be in by Friday night, so can you all (or 8/9) please confirm back to me that you want to race before then and I'll get an entry put in. Training outings 10am Sat 17th and 24th, so do please make them if you can. (If you're not on the above list and want to race, also do let me know ...)

    11/3 Head of the River - Senior 8

    Crew is currently planned to line up as:

    Niall, Sam, Nick R, Bjarne, Cris, Matt, Vasil, Alex. Cox TBC.

    25/3 Veterans Head.

    Anyone wanting to race Vets Head please fill in as available for the session on the fitclub. Initial plans was to race a novice 8 and the masters F crew. If we get three 8s wanting a race, we may be able to borrow a boat from another club, but that would need plenty of advance notice, so I'm going to set a deadline of Friday 23rd to show interest.

    7/4-8/4 Spring Sculling Camp

    In Shepperton, if we can find someone to tow the trailer there and back again. (Offers gratefully received). Otherwise we'll have to resort to a mass bungle-row.


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  • Captain's Log 05/02

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 6th February 2018

    Racing results:

    The senior squad 8+ came 21st out of 27 in IM3 at Quintin Head on Saturday 27th January in a time of 11.59.3. A solid row but we were barged way out of the stream by a very rude Maidstone crew overtaking past the clubhouse.

    The Masters F crew were just under a minute behind in 12:57.6

    Full Results on the Quintin Head website.

    Boat notes / Safety note:

    Old Blades is out of action after an altercation with a large metal buoy up between Brentford and Syon. No personal injuries other than a couple of bruised egos. The boat will be sent off for mending in due course.

    A reminder to all steers that the set of the tide is quite strong at the moment, even on a green PLA flag. Do please take extra care around the long-standing static hazards on the river.

    This week:

    Tuesday erg: 3x5km UT2
    Thursday erg: 5x1500m at 5k pace minus 1 second.
    (Reminder - If you only do one erg, do the Thursday piece)

    Weekend outings: Plan will be made Wednesday lunchtime. Get any last-minute tweaks submitted before then

    Further ahead :

    Racing - Hammersmith Head 25/2, Eights Head of the River 11/3, Veterans Eights Head 25/3 - please get availability into fitclub up to the end of March if you're expecting to race. Entries are open and starting to fill up for all of these races; entries have to be in by the end of next week for the first 2.

    Boating help required for Women's Head on 10/3 and men's head on 11/3 for non-racers. Please let me know if you can help with any of the below jobs on either day:

    07.00 Trailer Parking

    07.30 (x2) Numbers

    08.15 Sat, 09.00 Sun (x6-8) Boating

    08.00 Launch Driver until the end of the races (12/1pm)

    Club AGM on Saturday 24th February - elect the new committee (and stand for any vacant positions) - nominations form should be up in the club by the time you read this.


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  • Captain's Log 22/01

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 24th January 2018

    Another solid weekend of training under the belts, and the Quintin Head crews got some valuable water time with minimal substitutions required.

    This week:

    Mon off
    Tue weights
    Wed erg 30 mins rate 20.
    Thu weights
    Fri off

    Weekend plan:

    Saturday - Quintin Head race - IM3 crew meet 0830 for pre-paddle at 0900
    [Cris, Alex F, Eric, Matt, Niall, Ian S, Vasil, Sam, Gigi]

    No other outings planned, but please give us a cheer in the race if you're in the area, and I'm reliably informed that some of the racers are planning to recount their exploits in the bar afterwards. Race start is 11.30; the IM3 crew is going off 90th and the Masters "F" crew at 121. BBLRC have crews at 195 and 212.

    Sunday - outings 7.45 and 10.00. Alan will be down to coach the second one if we get enough of the novice squad signed up to it ... selection deadline is Thursday night.

    Next week:

    Switch-around for weeknight land training for the rest of term. Weights priority nights will now be Mon/Wed and ergs priority Tues/Thurs, with Thursdays being the focus for squad erging (and post-training dinner - see weekly emails from Cris for details).

    Further Ahead:

    Sunday 25th Feb - Hammersmith Head - target race for Novice squad - please get advance availabilities into the system up to the end of Feb so the captaincy can see if there's a viable crew for the race. (Can sign up for all outings, but focussing on the 10am sessions both days of the weekend to get coaching)

    Sunday 11th March - Head Of The River - target race for Intermediate squad
    Sunday 25th March - Vets Head - target race for the Vets squad


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