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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Swimming in the river
20th June 2017

Transiting Richmond Weir
13th June 2017

High tide clarification
25th May 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U6 of 2017
Horse Reach to Mortlake Reach - Temporary Water Quality Monitoring Buoys

U5 of 2017
Richmond Lock & Weir Draw Off 2017 - Weirs Open 29th October to 19th November

U3 of 2017
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2017

Social Calendar

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  • Henley Friday

    30th June 2017

    12:00 - 18:00

    Members of both Cygnet and BBLRC are invited into the most exclusive Henley enclosure, namely the garden at Old Blades during Henley Royal Regatta Friday, which this year falls on 30th June.For the newcomers at both clubs. the lovely cottage that is "Old Blades" is located halfway along the Henley Course and has a very large garden, from where you can see all the action happening between the booms that indicate the rowing lane for the regatta, just steps away from the towpath where a veritable fashion parade occurs all day long. Mrs Pat Sly is one of Cygnet's Life Honorary Members of which we only have three.TimingClub members are welcome from around 12 noon until 6pm (end of racing), at which point we have to have tidied up our rubbish and move on to the various commercial venues along the course. Picnic - the basicsOver the past ten years, we have organised a coordinated picnic. This all started when we had visitors from Benrath, in Germany, who came over for the 40th anniversary of...

  • Henley Lunch

    28th October 2017

    12:00 - 19:00

    Another chance to show of the stripes at the annual Henley Lunch at Leander Club. Click on the image to see the pdf which can be downloaded and printer if required....

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