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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Fulham Football Ground Works
24th June 2019

Updated Tideway Code
12th June 2019

River issues this weekend
20th September 2018

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U14 of 2019
Horse Reach (Lower) - Richmond Lock, Weir & Footbridge - Refurbishment Works

U13 of 2019
Barn Elms Reach - Fulham Football Club - Construction of New Stand

U6 of 2019
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2019


Most of the money which buys Cygnet's boats and other equipment comes from donations and fundraising. This is over and above the basic club subscription. About 40% of our equipment funds are raised by the Cygnet 300 Club

What is the Cygnet 300 Club? 

It's a lottery club. You buy tickets, which then take part in draws for cash prizes. Just under half of the sales proceeds are paid out in prizes (a smidgen better percentage than the National Lottery), and  Cygnet RC trousers the rest

How does it work? 

It runs on an annual basis (1st April to 31st March). Each ticket costs 10, and is allocated a unique number. All tickets participate equally in a number of prize draws held during the year

What are the prizes and when are the draws? 

There are ten (nominally) monthly draws for prizes of 25, 40, 60 and 100, with additional prizes at Christmas (value linked to the number of tickets in issue). The draws are held publicly at club events such as Henley Friday, general meetings, club dinners etc. Although we call the draws "monthly", in practice we start them when we think everyone has coughed up for their tickets. So pay up early and we can get on with them! The full rules and current prize formula can be seen here.

How do I join? 

Fill in an application form. These are available as paper form at the boathouse or online. You will need to pay 10 per ticket up front (cheques payable to Cygnet 300 Club), - or fill in and sign the Bankers Order section on the form (2.50 per ticket payable quarterly). Forms and cheques should be left in the Cygnet 300 Club pidgeon-hole at the boathouse, or sent to the 300 club administrator who can be contacted here.

Who supports the Cygnet 300 Club? 

Last year, the 300 Club was supported by 157 individuals, who held 630 tickets between them. Over 90% of active Cygnet members held tickets (average 6 each). Over half of the tickets were held by former Cygnet members, and the friends and family of members. The 300 Club raised over 3,500 for Cygnet last year.

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