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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


The Fleet

The Cygnet fleet is a modern, well maintained one. We also have a rolling 10 year Boat Buying Programme in order to keep the fleet up-to-date and competitive.

Damage to boats or equipment should be  reported immediately to the captaincy so that it can be repaired and minimise the time that the boat cannot be used.

Our current fleet is detailed below including average crew weight and if can be rigged as a sculling boat. Using boats marked in bold require the Captain's permission.
The club policy on Use of Boats


Marjorie Israel CYG803  Sims        2007  90kgs
Mike Arnold-Gilliat    CYG802 Sims            1998 85kgs

Coxed Fours / Quads

Neil Pickford             CYG407  Janousek
2010  85kgs sweep & scull  stern loaded
Peter Roche CYG406 KIRS
2009 85kgs sweep wing only bow loaded
Ronnie Lambe CYG404 Janousek   
1999 85kgs

sweep & scull 

stern loaded

Coxless Fours / Quads

Neil Jackson           CYG409  Janousek 2018  85kgs sweep & scull wing
Mike Collier CYG408 Filippi
2010 90kgs

sweep & scull 

Alan Cox CYG406 Janousek 2002 85kgs

sweep & scull 

Paul Rawkins CYG403 Janousek    1996 80kgs

sweep & scull 

Coxless Pairs / Doubles

Old Blades             CYG206  Filippi 2011  85kgs

sweep & scull 

300 Club CYG207 Filippi 2007 90kgs

sweep & scull 

Hamhaugh Island CYG205 Janousek 2003 85kgs

sweep & scull 

RG Benrath CYG204 Janousek     2003 95kgs

sweep & scull 

Single Sculls

Golden Oldies       CYG109  Janousek     2017  80kgs
Port2Port CYG107 Janousek 2013 85kgs
Sculling Camp CYG103 Janousek 2006 90kgs
Single Guy CYG108 Lola/Aylings 2016 90kgs
Friends reunited CYG104 Lola/Aylings 2005 90kgs
Louise CYG106 Glyn Locke  1996 75kgs
No name CYG110 Filippi 85kgs


Cygnet                   CYG501  Chas Newen 2001 Max 2 (not wash tested)

Blades  Life Jackets

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