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Current Safety Notices

River issues this weekend
20th September 2018

Lighting-up time
9th September 2018

Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U17 of 2018
Mortlake to Barn Elms Reach - River Closures - 2018-19 Head of the River Closures

U11 of 2018
Barn Elms Reach - Putney Embankment Construction Works

The Shed

Before 2004 all land training at the boathouse was either done in the garden or in the club changing rooms, including ergs and weights, which had to be set-up before use and packed away again afterwards. As both clubs grew the Exec. decided to use it's financial resources (ironically, mostly bar profits) to build a joint training facility, affectionally dubbed The Shed. The Shed now stands on what use to be a rhubarb patch behind the boat house.

The Shed was built by the Boathouse Exec. in 2004 and officially opened by Olympic medallist Gillian Lindsay on Sunday 17th October of the same year. Since then, the Exec. has replaced all the old ergs and increased the numbers of ergs from 4 to 10 which are annually maintained. New weight training equipment was added and the facilities are updated as necessary.

The Shed is mostly used for ergo and weight training although there is space to do some circuit training and for stretching. During the winter we run a dedicated circuit training session for both clubs at a local school hall as the Shed is not big enough to accommodate everyone from both clubs at the same time.

As with all things around the boathouse, it is up to members to do their best and keep The Shed and the equipment inside clean and tidy.

  • Tidy up after a weights session, leaving the equipment unloaded
  • Wipe down the erg slides after you have used them
  • Bare chests are not considered appropriate in the shed please Gentlemen 
  • Put you litter in the bins provided (and empty the bins if full please)
  • Keep the Shed generally clean and tidy.
  • Close the windows and lock-up if you are the last to leave.
  • Report any problems or make suggestions to the Boathouse Captain.
  • Then - training in the changing room
    Then - training in the changing room
  • Now - dedicated training facilities
    Now - dedicated training facilities
  • Dedicated training
    Dedicated training
  • Squad erging
    Squad erging

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