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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

Turning at Putney
22nd August 2017

Lighting-up time
22nd August 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U12 of 2018
Richmond Lock & Weir Draw Off 2018

U11 of 2018
Barn Elms Reach - Putney Embankment Construction Works

U9 of 2018
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2018


A small selection of photos from various events, both racing and social. If you have any photos that you would like to submit please contact the Webmaster who will be happy to post a selection of your very best shots.

Also see our Instagram account or YouTube channel for more hot Cygnet action

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Random photos

  • The UCL/UL composite XVI++
    The UCL/UL composite XVI++
  • Tom's IV
    Tom's IV
  • Successful fishing trip
    Successful fishing trip
  • The Post Office Challenge Cup Medal, 1900
    The Post Office Challenge Cup Medal, 1900
  • Sex face
    Sex face
  • Mixed (-up) double
    Mixed (-up) double
  • Nearly there
    Nearly there
  • "It's time to buzz the tower"
    "It's time to buzz the tower"

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