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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Hamhaugh Island Fire Safety Training
28th September 2019

Fulham Football Ground Works (Updated)
22nd July 2019

Chiswick Pier navigation
10th July 2019

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U5 of 2020
COVID 19 - Advance Notification - Emergency Draw Off

U4 of 2020
Mortlake Reach - Kew Rail Bridge - No5 Arch Closure

U13 of 2019
Barn Elms Reach - Fulham Football Club - Construction of New Stand

Approved Steers

The current approved steers list is posted here. It no longer appears on the safety notice board.

If you want to take the steering test you'll need to read the Tideway Code then contact the club RSA, who will arrange a time with you to take the test. The test is not available on-line. 

Steers in boats with a CYG ID are obliged to adhere to the conditions detailed below as agreed by the committee and captaincy. Beyond the basic requirements that all steers are required to conform to, steers are expected to progress through experience levels* on the Tideway (see below).


  • Have paid their subscription (and thus be a member of Cygnet RC)
  • Have read the most recent edition of the Tideway Code
  • Have passed the club steering and navigation test
  • Have completed a capsize drill and swim test.
  • Have a minimum of British Rowing Silver rowing licence to steer a club boat. An unlicensed steers may use a non-club (private) boat but only if they can prove they are otherwise insured against an accident causing damage or injury to a third party while afloat.
  • Understand and accept that they are the “Master of the Vessel” and therefore arelegally responsible for the conduct and safety of their crew, even when under the instruction
    of a coach.


  • If a steers does not navigate on the Tideway for more than 6 months, they must accept that they may be required to drop down and regain experience to achieve their previous level.
  • If a steers does not navigate on the Tideway for more than 18 months they may be required to re-take the steering and navigation test before steering a club boat.
  • Grandfather rights will be extended to steers that join from anotherTideway club but they must still complete the Cygnet steering and navigation test before steering a club boat.
  • If a steers is involved in an incident they may have restrictions imposed on them by the captain, which they must accept.
  • Novice coxes should never steer entirely novice crews without a launch alongside.


There is no specific restriction on the class of boat an Approved Steers may be the master of. The captain is may refuse permission if he considers the steers to have insufficient experience in a particular boat class. While gaining appropriate experience, of a particular boat class, a steers should be supervised by someone who does have that experience until they are confident in their ability to safely handle the class of boat. It is recommended the same principles of experience levels* (below) are applied to the class of boat – i.e a steers should not use a boat (unsupervised) if it exceeds the limit of their previous experience in that boat class


Level 1 - Novice    Level 2 - Intermediate    Level 3 - Advanced

The essence of this system is that a steers should venture no further unsupervised than the limit of their previous experience

In order to venture further they must be supervised (by an experienced steers or coach) for a minimum of the first three outings so as to gain the necessary experience safely.

There is no specific time limit on achieving each level. Steers should remain long enough
at a level to gain the water time they need to master the minimum requirements of the level and to feel safe, comfortable and confident doing so. They can then ask to be moved up to the next level.

The captain will consult the opinion of experienced club steers and/or coaches to help decide if a particular steers is competent to move up a level. Generally this applies across the whole fleet° (including private boats) and steers are strongly encouraged to keep a log of their water time including the range of any outing and in what class of boat.

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