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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Swimming in the river
20th June 2017

Transiting Richmond Weir
13th June 2017

High tide clarification
25th May 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U6 of 2017
Horse Reach to Mortlake Reach - Temporary Water Quality Monitoring Buoys

U5 of 2017
Richmond Lock & Weir Draw Off 2017 - Weirs Open 29th October to 19th November

U3 of 2017
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2017


Sweep oars

All 5 sets of sweep oars are set-up for rowing in VIIIs with the inboard set based on spoon types.
To adjust the inboard for rowing in other boats, use clams as follows:

4- use 1 clam

4+ use 2 clams

2- use 3 clams

Sculling oars

Sculling blades are set-up for specific boat types and colour coded with vinyl on the loom just inboard of the button:

 White = geared for 4x with the shortest inboard (4 pairs, new C2 Smoothie Vortex Edge) 

Blue = geared for 2x (4 pairs, new C2 Smoothie Vortex Edge)

Purple = geared for 1x (older C2 Smoothie straight edge)

Green tape = geared for larger torso (XL shorter inboard) for all boats (various makes and blade types)

Red tape = Custom gearing requested by specific rowers

We have put the each category in its own slot on the oar rack. Please keep each set together and not mix them up. You should be able easily to find the blades for your boat, choose the right set and put them back where you got them from when you done so we keep the sets together. 

Please don't make any adjustments to the set-up of any blades  I  Rigging chart

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