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Current Safety Notices

Hamhaugh Island Fire Safety Training
28th September 2019

Fulham Football Ground Works (Updated)
22nd July 2019

Chiswick Pier navigation
10th July 2019

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U5 of 2020
COVID 19 - Advance Notification - Emergency Draw Off

U4 of 2020
Mortlake Reach - Kew Rail Bridge - No5 Arch Closure

U13 of 2019
Barn Elms Reach - Fulham Football Club - Construction of New Stand

The Waddle

Let's be honest, there is no getting out of it, The Waddle is just a euphemism for Pub Crawl. 

There are a few odd occasions in the social calendar where a Waddle is invoked; the Chairman has one between Leander and The Flowerpot after the Henley Lunch and there is often one before a dinner or other formal events; And who can forget "Zee Vaddle", Christoph's classic attempt to recreate a pub crawl after the Rhine Marathon in Dusseldorf where, with typical German efficiency, we stopped at precisely no pubs but did get to the restaurant bang on time!

However, The Waddle is essentially named for the occasion whereby Cygnets dress-up in their penguin suits (Black Tie) and waddle, increasingly unsteadily, around local beer selling establishments in order to oil the cogs of social congress before the Barnes Bridge Ladies Christmas Ball. 

Although The Waddle is an event in itself, one must always remember that it is never the main event, especially where the Ladies Ball is concerned. For any Cygnet Gentlemen attending The Waddle, there are rules which should be obeyed on all such occasions...

The Rules of The Waddle

  • You may join The Waddle at any point but it will not wait for you.
  • You will be required to join The Whip at whatever stage you arrive on The Waddle.
  • Only one glass of your chosen drink to be consumed in each establishment
  • No Roadies
  • No Inbetweenies
  • Absolutely no Sambucas
  • Never leave your Whipman

That is all.

  • Beer O'Clock
    Beer O'Clock
  • Black Tie
    Black Tie
  • Black Lion
    Black Lion
  • Butler, Charlie
    Butler, Charlie

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