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Captain's Log

Latest news, requests, moans and cajoling from the skipper

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  • Captain's Log 12/03

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 13th March 2018

    Racing News:

    Despite a forecast of wall to wall rain, a dry breezy HORR on Sunday saw Cygnet finish with a time of 21:16, 238th overall. Going off second in div5, Cambridge 99s came past early on, but nothing else threatened our serene progress towards the finish. The consensus view was of a good row, not bad for a scratch crew with only 1 outing under their belts.

    A very large thank you to everyone who helped out with boating and hospitality over the weekend, with a special mention for Tom who seemed to be doing every job that came along.

    This week:

    Monday - weights
    Tuesday - off
    Wednesday - weights
    Thursday - erg - 30 mins rate 24. + food from Sian - let her know if you're staying <sian_kunert[at] hotmail.co.uk>
    Friday - off
    Saturday - outings 7 & 10
    Sunday - outings 7 & 10

    Availabilities to be finalised by 8pm Wednesday, please!

    Vets Head 25th March

    Cygnet has entered a Masters "E" crew into the vets head. Draw should be out tomorrow evening.:

    Paul R, Andy R, Nick R, Nick W, Iain G, Mike C, Jeremy P, Cris C, coxed by Hannah S from BBLRC.

    There will be a call for boating helpers upcoming; please come and help (and cheer on the crew after, followed by drinks in the bar.) Our friends from Rudergesellschaft Benrath are also coming over from Germany to race (and drink in the bar).

    Sculling Camp 7-8 April

    We are still looking for a trailer towing person for Scamp on 6th-8th April, please let me know if you can help out. More details and sign-up sheet to follow.

    Future Plans:

    Not enough interest for a novice VIII at the Veterans Head, so we're going straight into regatta training. Expect lots of standing starts and multiple short pieces of up to 5 minutes each.

    We have a good series of local regattas, every Saturday from 28th April to 26th May, so please get an idea of your availabilities into fitclub until the end of May to help the captaincy with crew selection and planning.

    For the seniors, there is also the opportunity of Wallingford Regatta on Sunday 6th May.

    I'm expecting the bulk of the HORR 8 to get some good quality outings in over the next six weeks; and with the return of Ian and Scott to the squad the club can test itself against the big boys over 2km. (Availabilities, please!)

    If we commit to racing, Gareth has promised to do some coaching.

    And finally

    If you weren't still in the bar after 8pm on race day, you're not only letting yourself down, but you're letting the club down!


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  • Captain's Log 05/03

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 6th March 2018

    The snow melted and the wind abated just in time for weekend outings. Some decent paddling on flat water this weekend made a welcome change from the cancellation of Hammersmith Head the week before. Unfortunately the forecast is for more wind next weekend ...

    Big congratulations and thanks to all those who were elected onto the Cygnet and Boathouse Exec committees over the last 2 weeks. The clubs literally couldn't run without their volunteers. The Captain Oates Award for perseverance in the face of adversity goes to Marj for heroically minuting both AGMs.

    Weekly Ergs

    Thursday - Everyone - 2 x 1km at 5k pace. 4min rest.
    Nice and short, so no excuse for not mobilising properly beforehand ...

    Tuesday - Non racers only - 3 x 5km UT2, 90s rest.

    Heads Of The River Weekend, 10/11 March

    No scheduled outings; do please come and cheer on BBL on Saturday and Cygnet on Sunday and join us in the bar afterwards for post-race banter and 6 nations rugby.

    Still short of a launch driver for Sunday - let me know if you can help.

    On a related note - if anyone has time for a launch fuel run this week before the heads, please could you do so and submit the bill to the club treasurer for reimbursement.

    Veterans Head, 25th March

    There are currently 4 people available on the fitclub, so as it stands there will be no novice 8 racing. Entries close at the end of the week, so I need to put the entry in by Thursday.

    Sculling Camp, 7/8 April

    Still looking for someone to tow the trailer down to Shepperton and back - please let me know if you can help. All you need is a trailer endorsement on your licence (B+E) and willingness to give it a go ... full moral support provided.

    Kit Amnesty

    If anyone has "acquired" a "spare" short sleeve cygnet tech top, size L, from the miscellaneous/uncollected kit box over the last 18 months or so, please let me know, so I can reunite it with its owner


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  • Captain's Log 22/02

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 23rd February 2018

    I'm away this weekend - Saturday problems to Cris, Sunday problems to Sam S.

    • Saturday 7am for 7.30 on the water. Top of the tide. (High at 8am). Warm up to Chiswick Steps crossing, then spin and head up to UL with the flood tide. Back down to Chiswick Eyot and then home. UT2 (steady state) paddling - low rate 20, firmish pressure, working on finishing together and feeling like you have lots of time to extract the blade (together!) without rushing.

    8+ (MAG) : Cris (cox), Alex, Vasil, Nick R, Niall, Barry, Eric, Bjarne, Ashley

    4x (Cox) : Tom (steering), Jon B, Mustafa, Ranko

    • Saturday 9.30am for 10.00 on the water. Work as per Alan's instructions.

    Vets 8 (Marj), + Alex and Cris

    8+ (MAG) : Niall (cox), Barry, Ashley, Magnus, Conor, Rupert, Joris, Mustafa, Kay, coached by Alan.

    • Saturday 12 noon Club AGM - vote in the new committee and stand for any vacant positions.
    • Sunday 7am for 7.30 on the water - make sure you're off the river by 9.15 (high tide) so you're well out of the way of race boating.

    8+ (Marj): Becky (cox), Barry, Ashley, John S, Vasil, Ranko, Eric, Bjarne, Niall, coached by Sam S

    1x/2x: Cris, Nick R

    2x (Hamo): Laurent, Raph

    • Sunday 10am (or in own time) - 5k erg test.
    • Sunday 11am-12.30 - Hammersmith Head - cheer on the BBLRC crews racing and be glad you're not out there :)

    Other news:

    A Cygnet crew took to the water for some sparring against a BBLRC crew on Saturday morning. 2 hard pieces over the Hammersmith Head course were enjoyed by all; will try to set up another session for 3rd March.

    The fitclub calendar is looking pretty sparse for the end of March; please get it filled in up to and including Vets Head on 25th March so we can decide if a novice 8+ is viable to enter.

    Further ahead:

    4/3 Boathouse Exec AGM - vote in another committee: this one keeps the water hot and the lights on inside the boathouse. Drawn from both clubs and always after new blood.

    10/3 Women's Head - Come down and cheer on BBLRC whilst eating Cake

    11/3 Head of the River - Cheer on Cygnet I

    24/3 Boat Race - Cris and Niall will be in touch regarding watching from the club

    25/3 Vets Head - Cheer on the Vets crews from both clubs, and the Cygnet Novices.

    7/4-8/4 Sculling Camp - Learn to scull on still water in Shepperton. Looking for volunteers to tow the trailer, else we'll all have to spend 4 hours rowing up there.


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