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7th September 2017

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22nd August 2017

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Latest news, requests, moans and cajoling from the skipper

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  • Captain's Log 15/01/2018

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 15th January 2018

    Launch driving
    If you are free to drive the club launch for Quintin Head on 27/1, Women's Head on 10/3, Eights Head on 11/3, or Vets Head on 25/3, please let me know. No prior experience or qualifications strictly necessary.

    Training News and Term Plan
    It was very heartening to see crews out working hard for every session this weekend; lets make sure we nail the training up to the big March Heads for optimal results.

    Final availabilities for this weekend by 8pm Tuesday please.

    The general plan for this term is:

    Sat 27/1/18 11.30 Quintin Head (4km) - Seniors & Vets 8s entered.
    Sun 25/2/18 11.00 Hammersmith Head (4km) - would like to get a novice 8+ together for this and maybe the Vets 8 as well. If the vets aren't racing then the seniors get another race chance.
    Sun 11/3/18 10:45 Eights Head (7km) - Want to get 2 eights entered - 1 Seniors and 1 Novices
    Sun 25/3/18 10:00 Veterans Eights Head (7km) - Vets 8 plus anyone else from the other squads who fancies a race.

    Race News

    The Quintin Head. Race start is 11.30 on Saturday 27th; do give us a cheer if you're in the area.

    Senior crew: Cris, Alex F, Eric, Matt, Niall, Ian S, Vasil, Sam, Gigi
    Vets Crew: Andy, Jez, Nick W, Rhodri, Iain G, Mike (TSS), Lawrence (TSS), Paul.

    This week
    Monday off

    Tuesday weights
    Wednesday 5 x 1500m erg, 3 min rest. at 5k pace -0.5s
    Thursday weights
    Friday off
    Saturday 8am Quintin crew and other seniors outing.
    Saturday 10am Quintin crew and novice outing coached by Alan
    Sunday 8am, 10am - more outings


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  • Captain's Yuletide Log

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 3rd January 2018


    Congratulations to Robin and Miranda Harries on the arrival of their new daughter over the festive break. Best wishes from all at Cygnet.

    For those who missed the SGM before Christmas, the club agreed to purchase a new Janousek 4x/4-. Please send any naming suggestions to Marjorie.

    This week:

    Training as per the plan.

    Please load availabilities for at least the rest of January onto Fitclub, or ideally through to Easter if you can, so the captaincy can work out how the race crews are likely to stack up. (Not set in stone; things do change along the way)

    Final availability for the weekend by Wednesday night please; current numbers are 4,6,1,3 which doesn't bode well for much in the way of outings. I'd like to have a squad meeting at some point on Saturday morning as well.

    For the new LTR chaps - I'd like to keep your focus on Saturday 10am outings, but do sign up for any of the others and we'll try to get you out in boats where we can.


    Annual subscriptions are now due:

    290 for CSSC members.
    360 for everyone else.

    Thanks to those who have already paid up.


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  • Captain's Log 3/12

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 4th December 2017

    Scullers Head Results:

    21:13 Robin

    21:26 Nick

    21:37 KTB (BBLRC)

    21:38 Sam

    21:50 Jez

    22:12 Cris

    Well done to all who raced; some solid results off what wasn't a huge amount of training for some of you.

    This week:

    Monday: erg 3 x 6km UT2
    Wednesday: erg TBC

    Weekend Availabilities by Tuesday night please.
    Saturday: outings at 8am & 10am on the water.
    Sunday: probably just one outing at 10am due to the BBLRC Xmas Party on Saturday night ... details of the Cygnet Saturday Afternoon Waddle to follow from the social sec ...


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  • Captain's Log 27/11

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 29th November 2017

    Four more training weeks until Christmas! Keep punching out those miles to gain the rewards in January.

    This Saturday - Scullers Head. Helpers are needed for boating and de-boating; please let me know if you can help out (see separate email).

    Cygnet are represented by a number of scullers on the start list:

    92 - Cris

    176 - Nick Rae

    239 - Jez

    265 - Robin

    473 - Sam

    482 - Charlie

    485 - Guy

    and to cheer on from BBLRC: 154 Sian, 165 KTB, 501 Sarah P.


    Monday: 3 x 6km UT2
    Wednesday: 30 min rate 20

    Weekend outings:
    Saturday is scullers head, the river is closed until 12.30
    Sunday 7.46 and 10.00 on the water, coached by Kirsty. 
    Availabilities to fitclub.me by Wednesday night please.


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  • Captain's Log 19/11

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 22nd November 2017


    LTR guys - get signed up on www.fitclub.me and search for Cygnet if you haven't already. Then once approved, use the attendance page to sign up to the 10am weekend outings.

    If you want to join in with the land training, then the Wednesday erg should be the first session to add (can do this any day if there are ergs spare, but it's good to join in with everyone else).

    Everyone - weekend availability by Tuesday night please, so I can set crews on Wednesday.

    This week:

    Monday: Erg 4 x 5km UT2 (90s rest)
    Tuesday: WeightsWednesday Erg 20 x 250m at 2k split minus 5 seconds (1 min rest)
    Thursday: Weights, and LTR tank session with Alan
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Outings 7.35 and 10.00 on the water
    Sunday: Outings 7.36 and 10.00 on the water


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  • Captain' Log 13/11

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 13th November 2017

    Racing Post:

    Vets 4s on Saturday; the B4x finished in 21:04, and the F4x in 23:05

    Sunday's race the 4+ got 21:33.0 over the longer course, 21/25 in Tier 2 4+ (roughly IM1/2), their time would have put them 9/20 in Tier 3 (IM2/3 in old money).

    Thanks to everyone who helped out with boating over the weekend, we couldn't host the 100+ clubs that we did without you.


    We'll now be bringing the new LearnToRow intake into the main squad for outings 10am Saturday and Sunday - chaps please create an account on www.fitclub.me and request to join the Cygnet RC group. Once you've done that and been verified, the squad training plan will be available from the availability page. I then need you to indicate weekend availability by clicking the Y/N boxes on the availability page so that we can plan crews in advance and make sure we have enough people to fill the boat.

    Final availabilities for the weekend by Thursday night this week to allow the LTR to get set up on the system. Back to Mon/Tues next week.

    This week:

    Monday Seniors/Novices Erg 3 x 5k
    Tuesday Seniors/Novices Weights with Tim
    Wednesday Seniors/Novices/LTR Erg 30 mins rate 20
    Thursday Seniors/Novices Weights
    Thursday LTR Tank with Alan
    Friday OFF

    Saturday/Sunday Seniors/Novices Outings meet 7am for 7.30 on the water
    Saturday/Sunday Seniors/Novices/LTR Outings meet 9.30am for 10am on the water

    Further ahead:

    2/12 Scullers Head - let me know if you want to race
    9/12 BBL Christmas party
    TBC Plum Puddings Pieces


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