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20th September 2018

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9th September 2018

Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

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U6 of 2019
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2019

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Horse Reach (Lower) - Richmond Rail Bridge - Arch Closures

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Horse Reach (Lower) - Kew Rail Bridge - Arch Closures

Rowing Calendar

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  • Vets Head

    31st March 2019

    Vets Head...

  • Head of the River Race

    30th March 2019

    Head of the River Race...

  • Hammersmith Head

    2nd March 2019

    Hammersmith HeadCox tbc, Bjarne, Vasil, Henrik, Eric, Rupert, Mustafa, Tom B, Ashley ...

  • Henley 4s & 8s Head

    16th February 2019

    Henley 4s & 8s Head...

  • Quintin Head

    27th January 2019

    Quintin Head ...

  • Squad Meeting

    10th January 2019

    19:00 - 20:00

    Squad Meeting in the bar to discuss the plans for the 2019 racing season....

  • Scullers Head

    1st December 2018

    Scullers Head...

  • Vets Fours Head

    4th November 2018

    Masters F coxless quad: Paul R, Steve, Rhodri and Ian GVets Fours Head...

  • Head of the River Fours

    3rd November 2018

    Challenge quad: Scott, Alex, Vasil and Cris, Intermediate (Novice) coxed four: Henrik, Eric, Rupert, Tom B and Katy (Cox, BBLRC)Head of the River Fours...

  • Weybridge Silver Sculls

    20th October 2018

    Weybridge Silver Sculls...

  • Pairs Head

    6th October 2018


    Pairs Head...

  • Rhine Marathon

    6th - 7th October 2018

    Rhine Marathon...

  • Autumn Sculling Camp 18

    15th - 16th September 2018

    10:00 - 18:00

    Autumn Sculling Camp details are hereApplication form is here...

  • Squad Meeting

    30th August 2018

    19:30 - 20:30

    SQUAD MEETING for all active oarsmen.Presenting the new coach and The Plan for 2018/2019, which starts 1st of September...

  • Oxford City Regatta

    18th - 19th August 2018

    Oxford City RegattaSaturday Draw8+: 10.15 - Sam, Robin, Ian, Scott, Ross, Cris, Niall,VasilNov 4+: 14.45 - Rupert, Mustafa, Barry, AshleySen 4+: 14.54 - Sam, Scott, Ian, Robin4x: 16.30 - Vasil, Ross, Niall, CrisSunday Draw8+: 09.20 - Henrik, Niall, Rupert, Mustafa, Tom, Kay, Barry, Ashley4+:...

  • Peterborough Summer Regatta

    11th - 12th August 2018

    Peterborough Summer Regatta (ML)Full draw here (Saturday)...

  • HT&V Regatta

    4th August 2018

    Henley Town & Visitors Regatta...

  • St. Neot's Regatta

    28th - 29th July 2018

    St. Neot's RegattaAll entries for St Neots (Sat 28th) have been accepted! Good News!Sen 8+ ( Sam, Scott, Ian Nick, Cris, Niall, Barry, Vasil) Cox TBCSen4+ (Sam, Nick , Ian, Scott,) Cox TBCInter 4+ (Niall, Cris , Barry , Vasil) Cox TBCNov 4+ (Rupert , Eric, Mustafa, Ashley) Cox TBC...

  • Richmond Amateur Regatta

    30th June 2018

    Richmond Amateur Regatta 9.00am 8+ (MAG) Henrik, Barry, Tom, Magnus, Mustafa, Ashley, Rupert, Eric, Cox - Anna 10.16am 4+ (Roche)Scott, Ian, Nick, Sam, Cox - Gigi10.20am  4+ (Pickford)Cris, Niall, Vasil, Alex, Cox TBC (Sian/Hannah?)   2.08pm  4+ (Lambe)Henrik, Barry, Tom,...

  • Barnes & Mortlake Regatta

    16th June 2018

    Barnes & Mortlake RegattaOpen 4+ (upgraded Novice crew)Alex, Niall, Henrik, Magnus (cox TBC)SF - 08.20...

  • Sculling Camp II, Sculling Camper

    9th - 10th June 2018

    Sculling Camp II, Sculling Camper After the April attempt fell through due to excess water in the river, the rescheduled camp is on the 9th/10th of June. Please fill in the doodle poll so we have an early indication of numbers. Hoping to dovetail this with racing at Walton Regatta...

  • Walton & Weybridge Regatta

    9th June 2018

    Walton & Weybridge RegattaDovetailing this with Sculling Camp II which is on the same stretch of river; using the bungalow as race base for competing crews or chilling out and learning to scull on calm waters for the non-racers. Tier 2 4+  Rupert, Ashley,Tom,Barry (cox...

  • Metropolitan Regatta (ML)

    2nd June 2018

    Metropolitan Regatta ML, Dorney Lake...

  • Peterborough Summer (ML)

    2nd June 2018

    Peterborough Spring ML...

  • Twickenham Regatta

    26th May 2018

    Twickenham Regatta 1250m, Upper Tideway...

  • Putney Town Regatta

    19th May 2018

    Putney Town Regatta 1200m, TidewayNovice 4+ Ashley, Rupert, Mustafa, Henrik, Gigi (cox)SF of Tier 3 4s, vs Globe/PBD 09.55Final, 11.35...

  • Borne Regatta

    12th May 2018

    Borne Regatta 1000m, TidewayDraw and Timetable10.30 Quadsquad 4x (Cris, Niall, Vasil, Alex) vs Emanuel11.05 Veterans 8+ (No vet oppo so moved to open 8+) vs Thames11.45 BBLRC 2x11.55 Meatwagon 4+ (Gigi, Scott, Ian, Nick, Sam) vs Eastbourne and IC Medics12.00 Novice 4+ (Magnus, Tom, Eric,...

  • Wallingford Regatta

    6th May 2018

    Wallingford Regatta 2000m Multilane, Dorney Lake...

  • Chiswick Regatta

    5th May 2018

    Chiswick Regatta 1000m, TidewayMeatwaggon 4+: Gareth, Ian, Nick R, Sam (cox Hannah)SF: 11.00 vs LeaF: 15.00 vs Lea/CorpusNovice 4+: Ashley, Tom, Mustafa, John S, (cox Becky)SF: 11.45 vs Putney TownF: 15.30 vs Lea/Putney TownQuadsquad 4x: Cris, Vasil, Nick, AlexF: 17.35 vs TSSNovice 1x: Cris and...

  • Hammersmith Regatta

    28th April 2018

    Hammersmith Regatta 1500m, TidewayNovice 1x – CrisQF, Race 3, 08.07 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide SF, Race 20, 09.08 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide F, Race 48, 11.51 vs Fulham Reach / Furnival / AK / Vesta, flood tideNovice 4+ – Eric, Tom, Henrik, Rupert, Gigi (cox)SF, Race 13, 08.43 vs Furnivall, ebb tide...

  • Spring Sculling Camp 18 - CANCELLED

    7th - 8th April 2018

    10:00 - 18:00

    Spring Sculling Camp - CANCELLEDUnfortunately, due to levels remaining high and flows remaining fast, and little prospect of calm water at the weekend, the decision has been made to cancel the Cygnet Spring Sculling Camp. We may be able to reschedule for weekend of 21/22 April ... watch this space!...

  • Vesta Veterans Head

    25th March 2018


    Vesta Veterans Head The day after the Boat RacesCygnet Masters E:Paul R, Andy R, Nick R, Nick W, Iain G, Mike C, Jeremy P, Cris C, cox Hannah S (BBLRC)19th from 29...

  • Head of the River Race

    11th March 2018


    Head of the River Race Yes it's Sunday and yes it's the day after the WeHoRRCox: Anna Costantini (BBLRC), 8: Sam Sears, 7: Vasil Todorov, 6: Matt Byrne, 5: Nick Rae, 4: Alex Freeland, 3: Cristobal Cabrera, 2: Bjarne Hustad, 1: Niall Smith 21:16, 238th overall...

  • Hammersmith Head

    25th February 2018


    Hammersmith Head ...

  • Quintin Head

    27th January 2018


    Quintin Head  Race start is 11.30. Do give us a cheer if you're in the area.Senior crew #90: Cris, Alex F, Eric, Matt, Niall, Ian S, Vasil, Sam, Gigi133 in 11.59.3 21/27Vets Crew #120: Andy, Jez, Nick W, Rhodri, Iain G, Mike (TSS), Lawrence (TSS), Paul 196 in 12.57.6 9/9Full results here...

  • Plum Puds

    17th December 2017


    Seasonal thrash down the river in random VIIIs with Lloydie vainly yelling 'instructions' to cheating coxswains from his tin fish.  Food and beer available afterwards at Quintin BCMeet at the boathouse 10am for a 10.30 push-off and warm-up. Race starts 11.15.Cygnet puddings...

  • Scullers Head

    2nd December 2017

    Scullers Head a.k.a Nutters HeadResults21:13 Robin21:26 Nick21:38 Sam21:50 Jez22:12 CrisPlease click here regarding boating from the Civil Service Hard...

  • British Rowing AGM

    22nd November 2017


    British Rowing AGM...

  • Head of the River Fours

    12th November 2017


    Head of the River FoursPlease click here regarding boating from the Civil Service HardOpen 4+ - Gigi, Robin, Ian, Scott, Sam...

  • Veteran Fours Head

    11th November 2017


    Veteran Fours HeadPlease click here regarding boating from the Civil Service HardMas.B.4x - Cris, Niall, Bjarne, Vasil Mas.F.4x - Iain, Rhodri, Paul, Nick W...

  • Pairs Head

    14th October 2017


    Pairs HeadPlease click here regarding boating from the Civil Service Hard...

  • Rheinmarathonrudern

    6th - 8th October 2017

    The Rhine Marathon.Our annual pilgrimage to Benrath for a marathon beer drinking session on the Rhine. 43km of pure pain pleasure and enjoyment followed by some cake, sausage and a quick beer (just to be social).All Cygnet and BBL members are welcome although rowing seats are limited. All enquires...

  • Autumn Sculling Camp

    9th - 10th September 2017

    10:30 - 18:00

    Autumn Sculling CampFill in the doodle poll here by Thursday if you're coming: https://doodle.com/poll/wts4v3h23exzfsup (So we have an idea for catering numbers, and number of boats needed)Turn up on Thursday night for boat loading after ergs/outings...

  • Oxford City Regatta

    19th - 20th August 2017

    Oxford City Regatta Saturday Morning Nov 8+ first race 11.21, final at 12.21Tom, Mustafa, Kay, Jim B, Leo, Mark, Ashley, Jon, Anna (cox) Afternoon Nov 4+ first race 13.57, then 15.03, 16.48, final at 18.12Vasil, Rob A, Cris, Niall, Mark...

  • Peterborough Summer (ML)

    6th August 2017

    Peterborough Summer Regatta (ML)IM3 4+ Robin, Ian, Scott, Sam, coxTBC Nov 1x Cris...

  • Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

    29th July 2017

    Nov 4+Anna (cox). Niall, Cris, Jez, VasilMasD 2xJez, CrisThe full draw is here...

  • St. Neots Regatta

    22nd July 2017

    Mas E 1xJez - first race at 10.24 vs BroxbourneOpen 4+first race at 13.21 vs London OttersOpen 2-Robin & Sam - first race at 15.30 v2 winners of Race 71 (Lea or Bedford)Full draw here...

  • Kingston Regatta

    8th - 9th July 2017

    Kingston RegattaIM3 4+Marj (cox), Sam, Ian, Scott, Robin - first race vs Oxford Academicals at 09.06, semi at 10.38, final at 11.18Novice 4+ Anna (cox), Niall, Cris, Nick, Vasil - semi vs Kingston & Putney Town at 15.34, final at 17.10IM3 1xDavid French - semi vs Barn Elms and Globe at 14.18, final...

  • Richmond Amateur Regatta

    24th June 2017

    Richmond RegattaIM3 4+Sam, Scott, Ian and Robin - first round bye, final at 13:18Nov 1xCris - heat 08:46...

  • Barnes & Mortlake Regatta

    10th June 2017

    Barnes & Mortlake Regatta or as it's know locally BMI – the 'I' standing for International [sic] Novice 4+Marg (cox), Cris, Vasil, Niall, Bjarne – First race 14.45 vs Eastbourne College & LVS AscottGareth (Cox), Robin, Ian S, Scott and Sam – First race 14.50 vs Parrs PrioryFinal 15.44IM3...

  • Twickenham Regatta

    27th May 2017

    Twickenham RegattaNov 4+ First race 09.47(Cox either Jez, Charle or Anna) Bjarne, Vasil, Cris, NiallNov 1xRobin  - First race 09.33Cris  - First race 08.44Mas E 1x Jez - First race 13.31...

  • Walton & Weybridge Regatta

    20th May 2017

    Walton & Weybridge Regatta...

  • Putney Town Regatta

    13th May 2017

    Putney Town Regatta...

  • Chiswick Amateur Regatta

    29th April 2017

    Cygnet are kicking off the regatta season on the Tideway at Chiswick Amateur Regatta.Nov 4+  #17 – Anna (cox), Sam, Scott, Nick, Cris Heat at 8:40 vs Parrs Prior & Eton CollegeFinal at 14:20 Nov 1x  #118 – Dave French Heat at 11:15Semi at 12:15Final at...

  • Spring Sculling Camp

    22nd - 23rd April 2017

    10:30 - 18:00

    Spring Sculling Camp...

  • Vets Head

    26th March 2017


    Vets Head...

  • Head of the River Race

    25th March 2017


    Head of the River Race - CANCELLED Due to weather concerns on Friday 24th, 12.00The race starts at 14:15 there are many top crews racing so come and watch the biggest Tideway event and cheer you club on. The Cygnet crews are:#308 – Cygnet I – IM3 Marj (c), Sam (s), Robin (7), Nick...

  • Hammersmith Head

    5th March 2017


    Hammersmith Head. The race takes place at 9:30 from Chiswick Bridge down river to Hammersmith Bridge. Cygnet are racing a crew at IM3 starting number 30. The race crew is:Marj (cox), 8 Sam, 7 Robin, 6 Dave, 5 Nick, 4 Ed, 3 Matt, 2 Jez, 1 CrisFinish: 11.40, 78th /251...

  • Capsize Drill

    11th February 2017

    14:30 - 17:00

    Capsize Drill and swim test at St. Paul's School pool (SW13 9JT)This is primarily aimed at new members but is open to all. Please note that completion of this drill, apart from a very valuable experience in terms of personal safety, is also a condition of membership. All new members should make...

  • Quintin Head

    28th January 2017

    Quintin Head12:15 rowed up-river from Hammersmith to Chiswick. Two crews are entered, both in the Masters C/D division:1st VIII (crew 58): Robin, Jez, Cris, Matt, Gav, Nick, Gareth, Bart, Marj (c)  107th in 15:172nd VIII (crew 55): Niall, Piers, Vasil, Tom, Sam, Bjarne, Scott, Ian S, Charlie...

  • Seat Racing / Dorney Training

    14th - 15th January 2017

    We will be holding a training weekend at Dorney Lake on the 14th/15th January with seat racing in 4s and small boats over 1500m. It will be great to have a change of scene and to race each other down the Olympic Regatta course. More details for follow about the logistics, but please make every...

  • Scullers Head

    26th November 2016


    Scullers Head this Saturday starts at 13:30, raced down river to Putney as usual. We have six entrants plus our new coach Tim:73 Bart (Mas B)218 Tim (Mas B)244 Guy (Mas C)465 Jez (Mas E)529 Robin (Mas Nov A)532 BDF (Mas Nov B)533 Cris (Mas Nov B)Please come down and cheer and enjoy the spectacle....

  • Fours Heads

    12th - 13th November 2016

    Fours Head 13.15Vet Fours Head 10.30 (inbound/flood tide)Mas B 4x, crew 11: Vasil, Tom, Piers, Matt. Result: 20:26, 139th overall and 11th in categoryMas B 4-, crew 32: Bart, Gav, Ian M, Gareth. Result: 18:46, 44th overall and 3rd in categoryMas Nov 4+, crew 234: Anna (cox), Nick, Cris, Jez, Scott....

  • Pairs Head

    16th October 2016

    Pairs HeadNOTE: this is a Sunday and also an inbound/flood tide race...

  • Rhine Marathon (Dusseldorf)

    1st October 2016

    Rhine Marathon...

  • Autumn Sculling Camp

    9th - 11th September 2016


    Autumn Sculling CampNot only is S'camp a great place to be (and learn to scull) but this year there is the added excitement of a new dingy at the Bungalow. Oh yes.Sign-up here...

  • Squad meeting

    8th September 2016


    As the summer regatta season draws to its close it's time to start planning our autumn and winter campaign. To plan this it would help the captaincy enormously to know what you each want to get out of your rowing, what events you want to compete in and the amount of time you can put into...

  • Learn To Row

    3rd September - 22nd October 2016

    The next Learn to Row course starts on the 3rd September 2016. This course will last for 8 weeks and it gives a great introduction to rowing, starting on dry land to get the basics before graduating onto the Tideway. The cost of the course is £120 which includes...

  • Henley Town & Visitors

    30th July 2016

    Henley Town & VisitorsNov 4+ Anna(c) Jez, Scott, Cris, Robin Heat vs RAF at 16.10, Final at 18.05MasC 4x Cris, Tom B, Ben, JezHeat vs Oxford Academicals at 14.58, Final at 17.10 ...

  • St. Neots Regatta

    23rd - 24th July 2016

    St. Neots RegattaIf you only go to one away regatta during the season make it this one, the legendary St. Neot's. MasC 4+ Robin (c) Jez, Nick R, Matt, Cris Nov 4+ Jez(c) Nick R, Scott, Cris, Robin...

  • Ordinary General Meeting

    15th July 2016


    An Ordinary General Meeting of Cygnet rowing club will take place on Tuesday 19th July at 8.15pm in the bar. The business of this meeting is to elect the Captaincy for the forthcoming season (2016/17). All members are welcome, nay, encouraged to attend and to endorse the incoming captaincy...

  • Kingston Regatta

    9th July 2016

    Kingston Amateur Regatta16:54  Nov 4+  Claudia (cox), Jez, Scott, Patrick, Cris...

  • Richmond Regatta

    25th June 2016

    Richmond Regatta...

  • Marlow International (Dorney ML)

    18th June 2016

    Marlow International (Dorney ML)Necessitates loading the boats onto the trailer on Thursday 16th and unloading upon return...

  • Barnes & Mortlake Regatta (Tideway)

    11th June 2016

    Barnes & Mortlake RegattaN1x David FrenchN2x Cris and CharlieN4+ Gareth (cox), Jez, Nick, Cris and Robin...

  • Metropolitan Regatta (Dorney ML)

    4th - 5th June 2016

    Metropolitan Regatta Necessitates loading the boats onto the trailer on Thursday 2nd and unloading upon return...

  • Twickenham Regatta

    28th May 2016

    Twickenham RegattaCome and support!Cygnet Nov 4+ vs HSBC: Heat 10:32 - Semi final at 12:13 - Final at 13:34Mas C 2x (Matt & Jez ) vs Twickenham Semi: at 11:00 - Final at 12:03MasC 1x Charlie vs London: RC Final at 14:44MasE 1x Jez vs Putney Town: Heat at 13:23 - Semi at 14:58 - Final at 16:15Boat...

  • Putney Town Regatta (Tideway)

    14th May 2016

    Putney Town Regatta...

  • Borne Regatta (Tideway)

    7th May 2016

    Borne Regatta...

  • Chiswick Regatta (Tideway)

    30th April 2016

    Chiswick Regatta...

  • Hammersmith Regatta (Tideway)

    24th April 2016

    Hammersmith Regatta...

  • Spring Sculling Camp

    16th - 17th April 2016

    10:30 - 18:00

    Sculling camp...

  • Vets Head

    20th March 2016


    Vets Head...

  • HoRR

    19th March 2016


    Head of the River Race (13.30) Crew 353 - Marj's Marvels or French Flyers (IM3)C Marj, 8 BDF, 7 Ian M, 6 Scott, 5 Jim R, 4 Matt B, 3 Piers, 2 Neil P, B JezCygnet I: 280th 21:23.90Crew 245 - Sue's Superheros or Bart's Buccaneers (IM3)C Sue, 8...

  • Annual General Meeting

    28th February 2016

    12:00 - 13:00

    NOTE: This meeting is now on a different date from that shown on the fixture cardAnnual General Meeting. All members welcomeThe main business of this meeting is to elect the Management Committee for the 2017/17 season and to present the accounts for the 2015/16 season. Nominations for...

  • PLA Public Meeting

    25th February 2016

    18:00 - 20:00

    Public meeting about the tidal Thames - Thursday, 25 February 2016Cygnet Rowing ClubOur next public meeting to discuss current and future matters related to the Upper District of the tidal Thames (Putney to Teddington) will be held at London Rowing Club, Putney on Thursday25 February 2016.The...

  • Hammersmith Head

    20th February 2016


    Hammersmith Head #133  Novice 8+  1 Cristobal Piguet, 2 Tom Broadhurst, 3 Robert Alexander, 4 Scott Livingstone, 5 Vasil Todorov, 6 Nicholas Rae, 7 William Mardell, 8 Jeremy Pugh, Cox Marjorie Israel 94 out of 147 overall and 13th out of 17th in category. 13:27....

  • Capsize Drill

    30th January 2016

    14:30 - 15:30

    Place: St. Paul's School pool, Lonsdale Rd, London SW13 9JTKit required: Normal rowing kit, towel, dry change of clothesAll new members are obliged to do a capsize drill so please do your best to attend if you've not do it before...

  • Quintin Head

    23rd January 2016


    Quintin Head IM3 'Youth' Squad (in the MAG) meets at 9:15 Piers, Scott,  Rob Alexander, James, William, Matt B, Gav Big Dave French, Sue C (cox) 114th from 212  15:11Mas D crew (in the Marj Israel) meets at 9:30Charlie, Cris, Rhodri Walters, Andy Rawkins, Wylie, Paul Rawkins,...

  • Scullers Head

    5th December 2015


    Scullers Head"The organising committee has met again to discuss the forecast high winds for London on Saturday and has taken the very difficult decision to call the race off. THE RACE IS OFF. We know this will cause immense disappointment to our competitors and supporters, but the forecast wind...

  • Vet Fours Head

    8th November 2015


    Vet Fours Head...

  • Head of the River Fours

    7th November 2015


    Head of the River Fours...

  • Pairs Head

    10th October 2015

    15:30 - 19:00

    The Pairs Head is first Tideway Head of the season and with only four boats available, you'll need to get in early to bag one. Even if you're not racing, the club could still use your help with boating for this popular event. ...

  • Rhine Marathon

    3rd - 4th October 2015

    The Rhine Marathon takes place on Saturday 3rd October this year and once again coincides with the ErntedankfestThis year also marks the 50th Anniversary of our relationship with RG Benrath and since we always go over to Düsseldorf to compete, it would be a Golden opportunity wasted if we...

  • Borne Regatta

    9th May 2015

    Borne Regatta event...

  • Marlow Town Regatta

    4th May 2015

    Marlow Town Regatta event...

  • Wallingford Regatta

    3rd May 2015

    Wallingford Regatta event...

  • Chiswick Regatta

    2nd May 2015

    Chiswick Regatta event...

  • Hammersmith Regatta

    25th April 2015

    Hammersmith Regatta event...

  • Spring Sculling Camp

    11th - 12th April 2015

    10:30 - 18:00

    Spring Sculling Camp...

  • The Boat Race 2015

    11th April 2015


    The University Boat Race 2015...

  • Head of the River Race

    29th March 2015


    Unusually the Head of the River Race (or Eights Head) is on a Sunday this year with the Veteran's Head taking place the day before. This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of our relationship with RG Benrath and since they always come over to London to compete, it would...

  • Spring Learn to Row course starts

    29th March 2015

    12:00 - 14:00

    Spring Learn to Row course starts. The first of two Learn to Row courses run by Cygnet RC in 2015...

  • Vesta Veterans Head

    28th March 2015


    Unusually the Veteran's Head takes place on Saturday this year with the Head of the River Race taking place the following day.This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of our relationship with RG Benrath and since they always come over to London to compete, it would be a Golden...

  • Women's Eights Head

    14th March 2015


    Women's Eights Head...

  • Hammersmith Head

    1st March 2015

    Hammersmith HeadIMPORTANT NOTICE: Chiswick Bridge will be closed to road traffic during this weekend. Please check with TFL for more information....

  • Capsize drill

    28th February 2015

    16:00 - 18:00

    Cygnet and BBLRC will be running a joint Capsize drill at the end of the month. It is a condition of your membership that you complete a capsize drill and swim test but more than that, simply a very sensible thing to do considering the amount of time you spend on the river. Anybody who has not done...

  • Henley Fours and Eights Head

    14th February 2015

    Henley Fours and Eights Head...

  • Quintin Head

    31st January 2015


    Quintin Head...

  • Plum Pudding race

    21st December 2014

    Assuming that we get invited again, then this most traditional of festive events will be the last 'race' of the year. The event is organised by Quintin and involves several, specially invited local clubs mustering in eights at the Pink House and thrashing back to the Quintin Flag pole, the slowest...

  • Scullers Head

    29th November 2014

    Scullers Head...

  • Kingston Small Boats Head

    8th November 2014

    Kingston Small Boats Head...

  • Veteran Fours Head

    2nd November 2014


    Veteran Fours Head...

  • Fours Head

    1st November 2014

    9:45 - 14:00

    Fours Head...

  • Weybridge Silver Sculls

    18th October 2014

    Weybridge Silver Sculls...

  • Pairs Head

    4th October 2014

    13:00 - 18:00

    Pairs HeadPlease note that the Civil Service Hard is now full for this year's event and we can no longer accept any more boating requests....

  • Rhine Marathon

    3rd - 5th October 2014

    Test yourself over 26 miles on the busiest commercial river in Europe powered solely on beer and sausage.More information about the Rhine MarathonContact the Secretary if you are interested or talk to Marj....

  • Civil Service Fast Stream Open Morning

    28th September 2014

    10:30 - 12:00

    The civil service rowing clubs - Cygnet and Barnes Bridge Ladies - are currently recruiting both new and experienced rowers and coxswains for the new rowing season. This open morning is a chance for prospective new members from the Civil Service Fast Stream to learn more about the...

  • Thursday night post training social

    25th September 2014


    Every Thursday after training the squad gathers in the boathouse bar for some food (plus the odd beer if not racing).  The ideal time to touch base with the rest of the squad and talk future rowing plans....

  • Autumn Sculling Camp

    20th - 21st September 2014

    10:00 - 14:00

    More details about Sculling Camp.      Apply for Sculling Camp ...

  • New Season Squad Meeting

    11th September 2014


    The 2014/15 rowing season is now upon us and the Captain will be discussing the club's plans for the year in the boathouse bar at 19.30.  This is a chance for rowers old and new to share their aspirations for the season ahead, meet new members of the squad over some food and...

  • Oxford City Regatta

    16th August 2014

    Oxford City Regatta...

  • Henley Town & Visitors

    2nd August 2014

    Henley Town & Visitors...

  • Henley Royal Regatta

    2nd - 6th July 2014

    Henley Royal Regatta...

  • HRR Qualifiers

    HRR Qualifiers

    27th June 2014

    14:00 - 19:00

    HRR Qualifers  - take the afternoon off and spend some time on the river side to support the Captain and Hon. Assistant Secretary in their bid to qualify their pair for another bash at the The Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge Cup...

  • Marlow International

    21st June 2014

    Marlow International Regatta (at Dorney lake)...

  • Barnes and Mortlake Regatta

    14th June 2014

    Barnes and Mortlake Regatta...

  • Metropolitan Regatta

    31st May - 1st June 2014

    Metropolitan Regatta...

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