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A nice little project

10th December 2014

A nice little project

As anybody who has done it knows, maintaining an old wooden boat can be a very time-consuming business, especially when that boat gets used by all and sundry,
many of whom are not, shall we say, experienced boaty types.

Despite a thorough overhaul and re-fit about five years ago, 'Juppy', one of our venerable bungalow dinghies is past her prime and the bungalow committee have decided, with reluctance, to replace her with something that requires a little less maintenance - and able to handle a little more abuse!

They would like give first refusal to any Cygnet member
or friend who might be interested in taking her on - free of charge - before she is offered for sale or is set alight and sent over the weir in a blaze of glory [I might have made
that last bit up]

If you're interested please contact the Chairman or leave a comment below, before the HoRR (28th March), for more details or to make arrangements. Collect from Hamhaugh Island only.