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Boathouse closure - UPDATE

17th March 2020

19th March

Dear all,

In consultation with the boathouse and club captain the situation is as follows:

In these situations it's always been the case that the safest/healthiest option gets the preference. In this case that would be closing the boathouse, especially because this is a growing issue, not a waning one.

Seeing as there is a divergence of views between the two clubs in the Boathouse, I thought that it would be prudent to recognise the split in responsibilities.

We all have a duty of care to ourselves as individuals, as well as to others who are impacted by our actions. The Boathouse Executive is responsible for the Boathouse, and the Shed facilities, the rowing clubs are responsible for guiding andinstructing their individual members.

  1. Boathouse Executive Committee, responsible for the building and facilities therein has announced that the Boathouse will be closed to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus. They will also announce and organise a deep clean of the facilities, including the Shed.

The individual Clubs can then announce their own policies on how to act to contain the spread of the virus by practicing social distancing and self-isolation.

  • Cygnet confirms to all members that, because of the above, squad outings are cancelled, nor will squad events and organised training sessions take place. Individuals wanting to go out for outings in a single scull are advised to consider NOT using the boathouse facilities unless in an emergency. Individuals use of an ergo in the Shed will likewise be at a member's own risk. This division and assumption of risk could be emphasised by making the Shed key available in the outside key safe so a member would access the Shed without entering the Boathouse.
  • Barnes Bridge Ladies can confirm to al lits members its policy for using the Boathouse facilities and theShed as they have suggested.

Each club will be taking responsibility for how they run theirownclub, which is entirely their prerogative.

We are acting on behalf of all members, both the ones who are willing to adjust their behaviour, and those who act on instinct and do what they have been used to. We recognise we won't be able to stop people from taking their own single out, having a shower at the club, and using the crockery in the kitchen. However, if club members then use the facilities, it will be at their own risk.

Marjorie Israƫl, CSBE Hon. Secretary

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well.

As you all are aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation and health and safety is first priority. All training and club activities has been suspended with immediate effect, also the clubhouse should be close to clubs group outings. The next 3 months are going to be challenging for all of us, we need the collaboration of all of you to flatten the Curve.

More will follow in due course.
Keep safe


Cris and Cara,

Please relay to CYG/BBL Members: Dear All, It is with a heavy hear that the Exec proposes that our Clubhouse should be closed to Clubs ' group outings. The Exec supports the continued use of the Clubhouse by single scullers at their own risk. We will review advice, respond to guidance and aim to update you through this challenging time. 

Kind regards, 

Tom Broadhurst
CSSC Boathouse Executive - Chair