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Intrepid or insane?

23rd September 2016

As if the Rhine Marathon isn't hard enough (despite the post-race beer), the notion was mooted last year (doubtless because of the post-race beer) that it might be a 'good idea' to cycle from Cygnet to Benrath. It would make a 'nice change' they pondered, from the drudgery of the airports and would be 'an adventure', something different, 'fun' even.

Well needless to say the principal ideas man has failed spectacularly to follow-up on his brilliant plan [no change there - Ed.] but nevertheless, the hardest of the hardcore are going to give it a bash, all 300+ miles of it.

From the boathouse this Sunday (25th), Ian, Neil and Ian's Dad plan to cycle east across London then 'pop up' to Harwich for the night ferry to Hook of Holland. From there it's a leisurely 220 miles up the course of the Rhine to Benrath, arriving sometime on Thursday - hopefully. This allows a day-off before the small matter of a further 26 miles back down the Rhine in a sculling boat. 

If ever a beer was well earned, this will be that time. I'm sure MAG would have approved...