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Tree felling

22nd March 2016

Dear All,

The PLA are very concerned that the high number of objections to their tree cutting programme may force them to stop it, although it is done with the full cooperation of the Local Authority and conservation authorities. However, a very noisy minority is making life difficult for them and could harm our interests.

Please send a supportive email from your club, outlining the navigational and safety hazards caused by the trees. If the schools and clubs with juniors can highlight the hazards to children caused by the trees, I think it will carry extra weight. if you have had any incidents, describe them.

If we can get large numbers of individuals to write as well the effect will be greater.

Everyone could write about the effects of the trees on safety and navigation, but those who are local residents could highlight the insecurity felt by many people walking along the towpath, because of the overgrown thick trees and undergrowth. I know some people are affected in this way, my wife will not walk alone between Barnes and St. Paul's because she was frightened by a weirdo hiding in the undergrowth, I am sure there have been others.

Please email Jim Trimmer, Director of Planning and Environment - james.trimmer@pla.co.uk

Let's get as big a campaign as possible to take on the noisy minority nimbies, and become the noisy majority

Bill Mitchell

TRRC/PLA Liaison