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Captain's Log: Issue 10

4th December 2021

Good Afternoon Cygnets, this is your Captain speaking,

Several important messages below - I know it's long, but please read to the end.

Some of you are beginning to drift away for Christmas – safe travels to those of you travelling - we are approaching end of term and the final weeks of training in 2021.

Please do keep up the training on land and on the water as much as you can between mince pies and around you Christmas parties. With Omicron on the rise, keep it sensible and stay honest with precautions – masks and LFTs encouraged.

The SGM last weekend approved the purchase of a new launch and changes to Subs for the new year: more details on both to follow. And the exciting arrival of new Shed Equipment, just around the corner. Good news on all fronts!

Training Sessions
We’ve got a couple more weekends of training before Christmas and New Year will interrupt our outing plans.

A big plea from me to get signed up and if you are signed up to take responsibility to show up and to do so on time, so your crewmates aren’t left high, dry and cold waiting on the hard. We’ve let our good habits slip in recent weeks – let’s get back to best practice please: Once crews are set make every best effort to attend and on the day, get to the club early, so you’re ready to row on time. From the new year there will be zero tolerance for no shows and late arrivals.

In the depths of winter – conditions and weather won’t always play in our favour. Rest assured the Coach and Captain both keep a very good eye on the forecast – we will update you if plans change, please bear with us and if you know the weather is bad, keep a good eye out for comms about outing changes. If we end up not going on the water, you are still expected to attend a training session you are signed up for on land. If you hear nothing, assuming we are proceeding as planned (be prepared with back-up land training kit if it looks borderline).

Christmas Eve Row: Seniors and Vets joint outing
For those of you not escaping London, we thought a joint Vets/Senior outing would be a great way to spend Christmas Eve. Please sign up on FitClub (*or in the usual way if a Vet). Please do sign up if you fancy a row, followed by some festive cheer in the Boathouse afterwards. OTW 1000.

We are now shifting our focus to Eights Racing with racing planned for Quintin Head (29 Jan), Hammersmith Head (27 Feb), HoRR (26 March). Please look ahead and update your availability for those races (especially Quintin) so we can start lining up entries.


On the water:
· Barnes Bridge: Many of you will have noticed the inside arch of Barnes Bridge is now open again, which is good news and less carnage. Please continue to proceed with caution and avoid the underwater works and debris, which isn’t particularly visible and easy to spot at some states of the tide.
· Shoals: Shoals are on the move again and getting worse in places (especially the usual places), so as ever keep a good look out and at the lower end of tides, please be cautious. Any incidents or damage to be reported

Off the water: 
With serious work on the footbridge about to start, the footpath has now been diverted around the back of the boathouses and temporary access to the bridge. Allow a bit more time and take care on the unlit road in the dark.

FINAL FINAL CALL: BBL Christmas Party and Cygnet Waddle – Sat 11th Dec. Final details to follow from Megan, next weekend we will be all decked out in our Black Tie garb for the Christmas Party in Chiswick, preceded by the Cygnet Waddle. If you haven’t signed up yet – this is your final, last call.


· BOAT LOG: Please ensure all outings are logged in the boat log – good to see it in good use, please keep it updated with club boat usage.

· LIGHTS: In poor light / dark mornings, please make sure you're using the correct lights and high-vis clothing.

· WINTERY (TIDEWAY) CONDITIONS: The weather and water is getting colder and wetter, and it's a particularly risky time of year for hypothermia: make sure you are well layered up and have spare clothing after outings. Stay dry, stay warm.

· OUTING CANCELLATIONS: On occasion the weather or river conditions may mean we can't go afloat or a land session is required: If the forecast is poor, come prepared for both but wait for the call from Coach or Captain before assuming the outing is not going ahead.

· LAND TRAINING: Great to see the shed in good use and the approval of the new equipment means this will soon be getting a makeover. Please make sure you're signed up to sessions and if you're signed up, show up.

· BOAT CARE & MAINTENANCE: Please make sure boats are properly washed, left in good condition and any defects or damage appropriately reported. Our fleet is precious and must be looked after properly. More to follow on this one.

Dates for your diary:

  • 11th December - Christmas Party
  • 17th December - Veterans Christmas Lunch. Contact Lawrence McVeigh
  • 24th December - Christmas Eve Row. 10.00 otw
  • 29th January - Quintin Head
  • 27th February - Hammersmith Head
  • 26th March - HoRR
  • 27th March - Vets Eights
  • 6-10th April 2021 - Training Camp (If you've not expressed an interest but would like to, contact the Captain.)
Author: Neil Pickford


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