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2nd February 2016

The highlight of the weekend was Quintin Head with two Cygnet VIIIs racing and 5 guy making their debuts in Cygnet colours. Not only that they skipped the Novice category to debut at IM3 and had a highly promising row well in contact with the IM3 pack finishing in 15 mins 11 secs, 114th out of 212 finishers. The Mas D Rawkings special can in 24 seconds behind in 15 mins 35secs in a ridiculously competitive category.We would have done fine in Mas E if Cris had been just a year older. The conditions were great for the time of year, more like spring than January, sorry we cant always guarantee that, Great to see the levels of excitement and enthusiasm so let's build on that and continue to train hard for Hammersmith Head and Head of the River in February and March.

We had a good training outing on Sunday in the VIII plus Raph and Laurent starting training for Pairs Head, it's never too soon to start!!!

This week:

Tuesday 7:15 at Cavendish School, Circuits with Maxi. Good attendances since Christmas is building that all round fitness for the long head races.

Thursday 7pm at Club - Squad Erg 50 mins 5 x 10 mins of 4 mins 20, 3 mins 22, 2 mins 24, 1 min 26. It's time to get those long solid pieced under the belt.


Squad outings at 8am, please make sure you availability is up to date. Focus is on longer and harder outings getting us used to pieces at race pace.

Further Ahead

I've had most peoples responses about their intentions for the remaining Head races. We have enough to get 2 VIII into HoRR proper. We should also be able to get two crews for Vets HoRR on the Sunday without having people rowing both days. Paul Rawkins will be chasing people to sign up for a Mas E/F crew, we also have the core of a Mas B/C crew for Vets Head, if someone will volunteer to take the lead on it.

Can I ask that everyone fills in their full availability through to the 19/20 March so we can get a good idea of the number of outings we can get in before the races. If we can get two VIIIs on the river together to push each other and increase competition that can only help. If we have sufficient numbers we can also do Thursday evening outings to maximise water time.

Other Stuff

Capsize Drill Saturday 30th January at St Paul's School 2.30 to 3.30 - everyone is obliged to do this as a condition of rowing on the Tideway, so please attend if you can

Spring Sculling Camp 15/16/17th April Cygnets Bungalow Shepperton.

Get it in your diaries. You've learnt to and mastered sweep rowing, now do the same with sculling. Once you can scull and have passed the steering test we can sign people off to take out singles on the Tideway. Start now and be ready for the summer season on the Thames. And drink beer, eat burgers and generally have fun.

That's all for now

Have a good week, see you Thursday


Author: Neil Pickford


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