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23rd March 2016

Winter is officially over. Head of the River weekend marks the end of winter and beginning of spring and it certainly felt cold out there on Saturday. Well done to all 3 crews that competed over the two days and especially well done for the 5 guys (Scott, Piers, James, Vasil and Robert) rowing HoRR for the first time after joining the club and taking up rowing just 5 months ago. I hope everyone got a buzz from it and didn't mind the choppy water down the course. Bragging rights go to Marj and Dave's crew, I hope those out on Saturday for Cristobal's 4.0 were kind to the members of the losing crew. Results were:

Cygnet 1 - 21 mins 23 secs (280 overall)

Cygnet 2 - 22 mins 02 secs (308 overall)

Both crews put in very encouraging rows that gives promise for the regatta season if we keep working hard on and off the river.

On Sunday the Cygnet/TSS Mas F composite finished in 22 mins 39secs 161 out of 219 after many changes and late substitutions in the crew but the main thing is that the made the race!

Go check out the race faces:

Cygnet 1


Cygnet 2


Cygnet/TSS MasF


This week:

Thursday 7pm Squad recovery erg, 30 mins r20 feet out


Not many of us around at the weekend and not enough to make up crews so it will be small boats for those who are signed off to steer. The river should be much quieter that of late so we could make up a sculling pod at 8 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday.

Further Ahead

Sculling Camp 15-17th April. Great opportunity to learn new skills. One on my aims for this summer is to get more people signed off to steer small boats. It makes organising crews over the summer much easier. It starts with learning to scull and gaining enough skill on sculling camp to be able to carry on under supervision back on the Tideway.

Even further ahead

Regatta season starts soon. That means side by side blade clashing action and lots of the thrills, spills and hopefully pots. In the next week I'll compile the list of regattas for us to target. In April, May and June we have a run of local Tideway regattas and we should aim to be represented at all of them. We will start training on the river on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after Sculling Camp and we will be spending more time in smaller boats rather than 8s. That requires steersmen to bow steer 4s and 2s, so that's why we need more people to pass their steering tests.

More of the summer plan in the next week or so.


A massive thanks to all those who helped in the run up to HoRR with coxing and coaching and on the day:

Alan, Marj, Sue, Robin, Matt and Claudia

Finally, Finally

Boat Race on Sunday, Women's race at 3:10 Men's at 4:10, come and cheer the Dark Blues to more wins.


Author: Neil Pickford


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