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25th April 2016

Evening one and all,

Firstly, a massive congrats and admiration to Charlie on completing the London Marathon in 4:21min. He did it in a very good cause, so if you are minded to sponsor him you can do it here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CharlesPretzlik .

On the river we were race training on Saturday and Sunday practising race starts and high rate pieces. And we welcomed Barts brother Tom for an all star a de Groot pair. Excellent progress was made with each piece in balance and power. You guys are ready for some proper race action so please get onto to Google Drive and update your availability for the regattas, there are still an awful lot of people who haven't filled it in yet. Entries are closed for Chiswick where we have a novice 4 entered. Over the following weeks we have Bourne and Putney Town regattas. We have a chance of fun racing in mixed crews with BBL at Bourne. They have 8 rowers keen to row so we need 8 Cygnets to make up the crews. We are about 4 short, so come on dont be shy. And if people want to double up in another boat then please let me know. Entries close this Sunday.

And we need a cox for the Tuesday and Thursday outings to take out the Nov 4+ racing crew out. Any volunteers?

This week

Tuesday 7pm

Matt, Cris Tom B, Vasil, James, Rob A, Piers, Scott

Priority is to get the racing 4+ on the water (Cris, Scott, Rob Vasil). Matt can you cox if we don't get a volunteer?

Thursday 7pm

Nov 4+ Cris, Scott, Rob, Vasil cox tbc

4- James, Piers, Tom, Matt


Chiswick Regatta - I'll let you know when our brave boys are rowing when the draw is announced. Very few people available based on the spreadsheet, I'll look on Thursday to see if there's enough to get some small boats out. Alan is away and so am I.


Its all about regattas and getting crews together, so once again can I ask you to fill in the regatta page online even if it's to say you're not racing so I know where we stand and can plan accordingly.

Have a good weekend and best of luck to team Cris on Saturday


Author: Neil Pickford


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