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Cygnet Weekly Update

25th July 2016

Highlight of the past week was the festival of rowing that is St Neots Regatta. It was my fourth time and by far the loveliest of days on Saturday, the river and the regatta field really looked a picture. Last year the gazebo was needed for its rain retarding properties, this year it was thethe shade it offered that got everyone seeking its cover. The rwgatta is a joy, so friendly and relaxed, the marshals so patient and such a good spirit between clubs and opposing crews, competitive but in a most old fashioned sporting way.

On the river, by fat the coolest place to be, we had some exciting racing and race wins but no trophies. It could have been different, the 4+ crew of Nick, Scott, Cris and Robin were hunting down the London Otters when Swany McSwanface strayed into the the racing lanes to be clipped on the body first by Robin on the drive, chopped on the neck on the recovery by Robin then to add insult to injury Scott delivered the coup de grace to its wing on the next strike. So we missed about 3 strokes in the process and boat speed was lost. Swany was certainly moving slower, the otters darted away up the Ouse and the race was lost. I'd like to say the no swans were hurt in the making of this story, but that would not be true. Maybe the cox should have kept a between look out, but had a grudge against all of them since one attacked me whilst canoeing on the river Wye in 1988. Taken a long time to get even with swankind. Thank goodness it wasn't a Cygnet. Needless to say the Otters went on to win leaving all their other oppo a,country mile behind.

The Mas C 4+ won their heat against Star by about 3 lengths. In the semi final we faced a Mas D crew from Broxbourne which meant giving them a 9 second headstart, which meant that they were like half way down the course before we started. We clawed most it back to have an overlap at the finish but we ran out of river to get past them. Needless to say again that Broxbourne won the final by a more comfortable margin. More races and fast and furious action in the sprints on Sunday, Matt won his 1x heat, but lost to a giant in his semi. Thanks to Robin and Anna for coxing and to Tom and Jo for trailering. I'm trying to get the details of the swannery so we can send flowers and get well soon cards.

Next weekend is Henley Town and Visitors where we have a Nov 4+ and Mas C 4x racing, more details to follow.

This week's plan...

Tuesday 7pm at the club
Both crews working on race starts and 2, 3 4 minute race pieces both boats side by side if poss

4- Nick R, Scott, Tom R, Robin
4x Ben, Vasil, Tom B, Cris

Thursday 7pm
More race pieces and starts and side by side races. Boat loading for Ht&V after the outing

4- Jez, Scott, Cris, Robin
4x Ben , Vasil, Tom B , Ian M

Sorry AJ and John, am the crews are geared round the racing lineups for Saturday and doing full race practice, but as always come and do a 30 min r 20 feet out ergo. Will get you out on the water soon.

I'm sorting out coaching and we should have cover for both days.

I'll send out more detail about HT&V meet and race times later in the week.

And City of Oxford is just round the corner so will be putting crews forward in the next few days.

Finally, big thanks to Scott for fixing the trailer. Kiwis are great club members!

Have a fab week


Author: Neil Pickford


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