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7th June 2016

Hi Cygnets,

It was a busy ole weekend on the river with crews out rehearsing their race drills with Alan and Sue, Learn to Rowers out in numbers (thanks to Jen, Matt, Bart, Tom B and Nick for helping out), Cris and Charlie up before dawn on Sunday in their 2x and many scullers heading up to the Pink House and back.

This Saturday is Barnes and Mortlake International Regatta surely the most prestigious of the Tideway regattas. We have 3 entries: Nov4 of Gareth, Jez, Nick, Cris and Robin, Nov 2x of Cris and Charlie, and Big Dave French going for glory in Nov 1x. I'll let you know the race times once they are announced. Come down to MAA to cheer the crews on. (Sorry Guy, no oppo again at Mas D 1x)

Richmond Regatta is on the 25th and we'll be putting together crews and combos for that in the next few days. Let me know by putting it on the regatta page of spreadsheet if you have any race preferences or want to double up.

So this week..


On the water
2x Cris Charlie (check the conditions before going out in case there are any storms imminent)
8+ LTR

In the Shed
Nick R, AJ, Scott, Patrick, Tom Robbins
2 x 2k & 1 x1k Max effort, 5 min rest in between each

4+/- Claudia? Jez, Nick R, Cris, Robin,
4- Patrick, Scott, AJ, Ian M
2x Vasil, Matt
1x Charlie


Training outings at 8am
BMI Regatta

Training outings at 8:30

Further Ahead

Richmond Regatta 25th June - looks like we have a lot of people signed up, crews to be selected this week.

Friday 1st July Henley Royal Regatta, Cygnets @ Old Blades.Highlight of the social calendar and a chance to put on the stripy blazers. More details to follow from Cris.

That's it for now, have a good week, see you Thursday


Author: Neil Pickford


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