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20th June 2017


No regattas last weekend but an lot of excellent race training on both Saturday and Sunday with Tim. The new novice squad is coming along in leaps and bounds and have moved on to racing starts and rowing at race like rating, there is no reason why you guys can't make your racing debuts before the end of the regatta season.

Our new sculling blades are painted up in the club colours and ready for use, thanks to Neil, Iain and Scott for sorting that out and we now have a brand new 80kg single scull sitting on the racks waiting for a name and number all of which is in progress.

This weekend is Richmond Regatta which is on the same course as Twickenham Regatta just up river of Richmond. We have two boats racing, our newly promoted IM3 4+ (Sam, Scott, Ian, Robin) which has a bye to the final at 13:18 against either Putney Town or Kingston and Cris in Nov1x in his heat at 8:46 against Kingston.

So this week....


Richmond crews outings

Novice outing with Alan, meet at 7:00pm on the water at 7:15 - lots of blanks on the spreadsheet, please update it asap if you want to get out on the water.

Squad ergo 3 x 750m at 2k pace 5 min rest, 10 min cool down

Boat loading for Richmond

Richmond Regatta for race crews and spectators

Outings on the Tideway will depend on how many rowers are available. So far I only have Vasil, Niall and Barry from the main squad and Kay, Mark and Leon from the novice squad. So please complete your availability asap so we can make plans.

Main squad meet at 7:05 OTW at 7:30, focus on race training for Kingston Regatta on the 8th July.

A few more points...

I will be trailering the boats to Richmond on Friday evening but will need 2 people to help me push the trailer in position and avoid trees and other obstacles when manoeuvring the trailer. Volunteers please.

A cox is required for the novice outing at 9:30, don' be shy...

Steering: We talked about learning to steer after the novice outing on Saturday, here is some essential reading in the Rowing Code which gives you the navigational rules for Tideway rowing.

Henley Friday
30th June, Old Blades Henley. You should all have heard about this from Marj, it's a great day out the top enclosure on the Royal Regatta course, well worth taking a day off work, If you've not received the details let me know.

Upcoming regattas
Kingston - 8th July, St Neots - 22/23rd July, Henley Town and Visitors - 29th July. 

We have good numbers for St Neots and HT&V and will be putting crews together soon, We could team up with Barnes Bridge as we traditionally have done for mixed races which gives a chance for everyone to get a race.

That's all for now


Author: Neil Pickford


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