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Cygnet Weekly Update

2nd May 2017

Hi One and All,

It was a very active day at the club on Saturday with racing at Chiswick Regatta and the first full LTR outing on the Tideway. I counted 30 rowers on the water over the course of the morning.

Firstly the race results, and I'm extremely pleased to report a win for Big Dave French in Novice Single. A huge relief for our novice others scullers who know they wont have to face him in upcoming regattas. Dave had to race three rounds for his pot and handle the instructions of am umpire who confused Putney Town and Cygnet colours and was intent of putting Dave and his oppo on a collision course rather than separate them.

Our Nov 4+ of Sam, Nick, Scott and Cris came second in their heat of 3 to the Eaton crew who easily won in the final. Most of the losing distance was lost at the start giving the other two crews a length lead before getting off the blocks. Credit goes to them for rowing through Parrs Priory and beating them by 4 lengths. This is an experienced and strong crew who can surely win a regatta soon with more time on the water together and more start practice! Thanks to Anna for coxing.

And we had 13 LTR students on the river in two eights and Kieran going straight for the sculling curriculum in a double with Bjarne. Hope you all enjoyed it and looking forward to getting back on the river and developing your rowing skills. Hope you enjoyed Tim's rolling plank finisher.

So, this week...

Tuesday - Weights session in the Shed (unsupervised)

Wednesday Water outings for experienced steers

Thursday Squad ergo at 7pm 750m then 500m at 2k pace 5 min rest in prep for Saturday's 2k test

LTR Session at 7pm. If you can complete your availability for Thursday then we will try to get you out on the river. We will need a couple of boat sitters from the main squad to support this. If the numbers don't work then the session will be in the tank.

And here's a little bit of private study, from Concept 2 an excellent technique video for indoor rowing that applies equally to technique on the water. You'll also find videos on common errors on the site that are worth looking at too.

Saturday Main Squad meet at club at 7:05 OTW at 7:30 for warm up outing 2k ergo test at 10am

LTR meet at club at 10am On the water (OTW) at 10:30

We will need a 2 experienced guys in each boat we put out so please respond to the call for helpers.

Sunday Main Squad meet at club at 7:05 OTW at 7:30

1st outing - Sculling ladder and small boat sprints

2nd outing 12k technical

Further ahead....

We have Putney Town, Walton and Weybridge and Twickenham regattas on consecutive weekends in May, so we need to finalise entries. The Nov 4 should be looking to loose their novice status over the course of these. I'll be sending out a separate email about this v soon.

And we need to plan our entries in some of the bigger regattas in June and agree the ones we are targeting.

I've prepared a poll to cover the regattas in the second half of the season and I'll send the link to seniors in a separate email.

Now we've rolled over into a new month we have a new availability page for May in our spreadsheet, can you all take the time to complete it through to the end of the month please.

That will do for now, enjoy your week and enjoy your rowing,


Author: Neil Pickford


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