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Cygnet Weekly Update 18th October

18th October 2016

Super busy weekend on and off the water with Pairs Head on Sunday and 26 people rowing in the squad and learn to row outings on Saturday.

The results from Pairs Head from Cygnet and BBL were:

16:17.3 Bart/Gav 
16:39.5 KTB/Bec 
16:59.9 Jez/Rob 
17:02.7 Matt/Ian 
17:31.3 Clem/Abi 1
17:45.6 Sarah/Maxi 
18:10.8 Lucy/Em 
18:16.0 Kez/Char 
18:47.3 Jo/Marion 
The good news was that after a pretty unpleasant morning the sun came out and the temperature was toastie for the middle of October. Slightly less   was the brisk southwesterly wind that made the middle section of the race just a touch on the rough side. Thanks to BBL for putting on a great event. 
Up next is Fours Head then Vets Fours Head on thee 12/13th of November. We should be able to enter a Masters B crew and a couple of Novice crews, but we need to be putting in the hard yards on and off the water to get ready for them and to get selected... 
Cygnet Kit ordering: Big Dave French has organised a kit ordering window with Godfrey, the logistics are at the bottom of this email. For the newcomers amongst you, if you have aspirations to represent our fine club in competition (and you will do) the minimum requirement is a Cygnet all-in-one ('Custom Finesse' version). A splash-top and/or gillet will also get lots of use. (For those who already have all the gear, you may want to take a look at Cygnet's late but strong entry into the Most-Visually-Arresting-Tideway-Club-Leggings competition!) 
This week plans are: 
Tuesday 7:15 Circuits with Maxi at Cavendish School - an essential part of our training and "fun" way to get core conditioning. Towel and water required! 
Wednesday: 7pm Squad run 7.5k with 30 sec bursts (fartlek) 
Thursday: 7:30pm Squad ergo 4 x 10 min at rate 20 (30min pace) 2 min rest LTR 7:00pm 2k ergo test then tank session 
Saturday: 7:45 meet at the club Sue coaching 1st outing 8-12k technical 2nd outing 8-10 x 750m rate 28-30
LTR 10 am water outing 
Sunday: 7:45 meet at the club Sue coaching 
1st outing 14k 2nd outing Power strokes 
LTR 10am water outing followed by bacon butties See you all at circuits tonight, 
The ordering details for kit are as follows: Godfrey supply our kit, which can be ordered directly from their website: http://godfrey.co.uk/club/cygnetrc.

You can order directly at any time, but we've got a club ordering 'window' open from now until 20th Nov, which means all the orders are grouped together, and we benefit from the group discounts. Anything you order between now and Sunday 20th Nov will be delivered in mid-to-late Dec (so in time for Christmas present lists for Santa, and the Plum Puds race). No money is taken until after 20th Nov, when Godfrey have had a chance to collate the orders, apply the discounts and then take the payments. Also, the worst case scenario will be the 2-11 price level, even if you is the only person to order a particular item, if it is ordered within the club ordering window. The postage costs will also be split between everyone in the order and the kit will be despatched in one box.
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Author: Jeremy Pugh


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