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Cygnet Weekly Update: 4th August 2014

5th August 2014


This weekend was Henley Town & Visitors Regatta, a beautiful stretch of water, with a great atmosphere, and crucially less than half the race distance of Henley Royal.

The sunshine was broken by a couple of cataclysmic downpours, one of which whilst the BBLRC 8+ was racing - who got off the water almost as wet at Gav & Bart (who earlier had found pushing off in a 2- so strenuous that they decided to take a dip in the Thames to cool off).

As well as under the water, it was also however a frustrating day on the water, with our three crews producing strong rows that weren't quite enough. First up was the IM3 4+, who were in a tussle with Putney Town in a three-boat heat, a really encouraging row responding well to cox Sue's calls throughout meant that we didn't let Putney get away, and overlapped with them down the course. Next up was the IM1 2-, who had a great start against a tidy-looking Upper Thames boat, but couldn't quite stay with them for the second half. Finally, the Sen 4- had a straight final against Nonesuch (alumni of Bristol Uni - very recent alumni by the look of them), threw everything at it, and were bitterly disappointed to lose by only a canvas.

This week

Tues outings at 7pm, coached by Nick Rowett. Sue's sent out crew lists.

Erg of the Week: 3 x 2k with 90 seconds light pressure between each one. There is no rate cap to the pieces however I am keen for the split to be consistent as possible so ideally don't go above r30

2nd Erg: 6 x 1k with 2 minutes light pressure rowing between each piece. This is the same distance as the one above but should be at a higher intensity due to the shorter distance and longer breaks.

3rd Erg (Base fitness) 10k with rate change every 2k (22-26-22-26-22)

Thurs outings at 7pm. Sue's sent out crew lists.

Sue will also be coaching an erg session, so please let her know if you'll be coming along.

There's also a post-session-session in the bar, I know there's a volunteer cook, but don't know who it is - details to follow no doubt.

Sat & Sun, 8am outings. Crew lists to follow.

Oxford City Regatta

is on 16th/17th. This will be our last regatta of the season, and a couple of crews have expressed an interest (a Nov 4+ and a 4x of some description). The BB Ladies are unlikely to be going, and with only two boats going we may try and cadge a lift with a neighbouring club. Entries close on Wednesday, so speak now if you want to race, or miss out.

Further Ahead

You'll have seen Stu's hectic social calendar email - put them all in your actual calendars now, you'd be crazy to miss out.

Our next Learn to Row course is in the planning stages. Please chip in as an when you can in terms of sitting in/ sitting boats, and generally welcoming newbies to the club.

Finally, I thought I'd mention the Pairs Head (Sat 4th Oct): this may seem a bit previous, but now is the perfect time to be thinking about it , as regatta season winds down and you've got two full months to prepare. If you've never raced it, it's recommended: mercifully short (Chiswick Br to Hammersmith Br), only one other person in the boat to get on your nerves, and it's run by Barnes Bridge Ladies. Most categories (except Novice), including Masters, and Mixed. it would be great to get as many boats as possible racing. This year some of our usual suspects will be away on the Rhine, so there will be more boats available. So please have a think about whether you and A.N.Other fancy it, and let me or Sue know. (If you fancy it, and want to be match-made, also let us know).

That is all.


Author: Neil Pickford


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