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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 1st Sept 2014

1st September 2014

Evenin' All,

A busy weekend around the club - even without set outings at the moment.

Friday evening was the End-of-Season dinner, in the now traditional surroundings of the backroom of the Coach & Horses. A healthy cross-section from across the club, and a good time was had by all - particular thanks to Stu for organising.  And it was a salutory reminder that it is ALWAYS better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

That event also saw the awarding of our two annual awards:

- The G.P. Jeffries Cup for Cygnet Rower of the Year.  This goes to the oarsman who has improved most over the past 12 months - and there were several to choose from, with at least three of our scullers de-novicing for example, and our Novice 4+ continuing to work hard.  It was difficult to single out an individual, but given how quickly he has picked up the rhythm, and his admirable attendance at training, congratulations to Nick Rae.

- The Wally Whedal Cup for Cygnet Sportsmanship & Endeavour, also known as 'Clubman of the year, was another category where we had more than one worthy candidate.  This award is about showing willing, jumping into new boats, crews, and races, and putting up with what crewmates/ coaches/ other river users throw at you.  For doing all of this, and staying smiling, congratulations to Louise Johnson.

There were a few boats out over the weekend, and then on Sunday we had the BBLRC & Cygnet Club Day. The sun shone, the bar was open, the barbecue was fired up, and there was even some rowing done - congratulations to the winners of the Mixed 4x and Mixed 2x side-by-side-training-pieces-events.  And thanks to Orla and Sharon of BBLRC for arranging.

This week

-Tues and Thurs evening outings by crew arrangement.  Remember to check sunset times and take (and switch on) lights.

- For those not on the water, this Thursday is Squad Erg night this week.  With Coach Sue still overseas, I'm setting this one, and drunk on the power, it's an old favourite:

30mins, rate-capped at 20spm.  Do it alongside others if possible, and don't forget to post your time on the google spreadsheet.  We'll also have a couple of the new Learn-to-Row chaps down on Thursday, so do say hello.

- That erg will mean you can enjoy Thursday's post-session-session with a clear concience.  Sarah T from BBL is cooking, you'll have seen Stu's email, please let Sarah know if you're staying for food.

- Sat & Sun 8am outings, and 10am for newer novices.  We will have a look at availability on the spreadsheet and allocate crews if there are enough...

... which leads me to the first (of many) pleas of the Head season - please put your availability onto the spreadsheet.  It's remarkably quick easy and painless, and makes the captains' and coach's life soooo much easier.  Thank you.

Next week

We're holding an informal Squad Meeting next Thurs (11th) in the bar.  Please put it in your diary and come along.  If you're intending to race in the Head season, and/or prepare for next summer, and/or want to focus on social rowing/ fitness/ the social side, we want to hear from you.  I'll even provide some food!

Looking ahead to the bigger Head races - the two Fours Head races and the HORR in particular - a lot will depend on numbers and commitment, as ever.  We'd also like to take the squad's view on whether we might take a slightly different approach to some of them.  For example, we could consider:

- focusing on 4x's for the Fours Head Saturday (4 point minimum in the boat, 10 point minimum for sweep boats).

- getting two or three Nov 4+'s for Fours Head Sunday - including one made up graduates from the most recent Learn-to-Row course.

- in 8's, putting our more experienced oarsmen into a Masters boat to in the Vets HORR, to go for a result there,

- and for the HORR itself, focusing on getting a Nov 8+ out and training regularly (with the more experienced guys subbing in where necessary).

All just thoughts at this stage - but hopefully food for thought - come along next Thursday and tell us what you think.

Further ahead

I've already banged on about Sculling Camp (weekend of 20/21 Sept) up at the Bungalow - not to be missed.  And following that, the Pairs Head/ Rhine Marathon weekend on 4 Oct (if you're not doing one, you should be seriously considering doing the other).

I should also start flagging the Cygnet Leander Lunch, which is on Saturday 25th October.  Fine dining, fine company, a mediocre speech from your captain (recycling much of the material from Friday night), followed by a fine post-prandial stroll to a local hostelry. Stu and  Phil Beckett will be in touch with more details - but for now do save the date.

That's all for now.


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