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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 22nd Dec 2014

22nd December 2014

Evenin' All,

Final one of the year from me, and a short one as we all wind down for some mostly well-earned rest.

Several boats out over the weekend, and one unfortunate crew of 7 who were treated to an erg-relay instead of an outing on Saturday morning. And as well as outings on Sunday morning, we also had the Plum Puds. A crew was carefully selected(!) from across the range of our active squad, and was ably coxed by Marj - which was just as well, as the conditions at the start were pretty parlous. However, a surprisingly solid row and we finished fourth, allowing us to retire to the bar without the chore of having to trek to MAA to collect any prizes...

We also took the opportunity on Sunday to present Coach Sue with a small token of our appreciation for all the extra hours/ encouragement she provides Cygnet crews with. Unfortunately, no sooner had we done that, than she emails us all with a training timetable for the Christmas break. There is talk of a 5k test early after we all return, so I'd suggest you do what you can.

This week

Tues evening Squad Erg Night. Oh yes - just because it's Christmas Eve Eve, doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy: 5x 10min (each 4min r22, 3min r24, 2min r26, 1min r28) 4min light pressure in between.

(Next Tues evening, 30th Dec, it's 40min r20 feet-out).

Thurs evening no circuits, on account of it being Christmas Day. But there's nothing stopping you doing 200 burpees (well done to all those that completed last week's circuits in one piece...)

Circuits will start again after Christmas, once we've confirmed arrangements with the school. Do please include it in your regular weekly training timetable - it is invaluable, and is easier/ more fun the more turn up.

Sat & Sun morning - no set outings this weekend (27th/28th), but nothing stopping you arranging something amongst yourselves.

Sat 3rd Jan & Sun 4th Jan mornings - there may be set outings, depending on availability (so update your availability).

And that's all for this week, and indeed for 2014 - have a smashing break, and look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks for the ramp up to Head of the River Race weekend.


Author: David French


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