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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 5th Jan 2015

12th January 2015

Evenin' All,

Welcome back from wherever you've been over the break. And welcome to 2015, the year in which Cygnet reaches the ripe old age of 125!

There were a few smaller boats seen out in the water over the Christmas break, as well as a few (smaller) ergs witnessed in the shed. Otherwise hope you were treating your bodies like temples throughout the festivities. If the shock of the return to the domestic and work routines has hit you half as hard as me, then you're in need of returning to the rowing and socialising routine around our favourite boathouse.

And we're straight back into it, with a clean and fresh training plan from Coach Sue, ergs and circuits this week, and only just over three weeks until the first race of the season. And less than three months until the Head of the River Race weekend. Three months is time enough to substantially improve your fitness, technique, and boat speed - but only if you work on it from now, it simply won't do to get to March and wish you had several weeks' more training backing you up.

This week

Tues evening - Squad Erg Night. 2x 20min, rating 24/26 (changing after 10mins). The more of us that can do this together, the better - and will start getting us into the right frame of mind for the Head distance, and indeed next weekend's 5k test.

Thur evening - Circuits, 7.15pm at Cavendish Primary School, or meet at 7.00pm at the club to jog over together. Turnout waned slightly towards the end of last term. Circuits is really invaluable, is rowing-specific, and makes a tangible difference to speed and fitness. And furthermore, it's paid for directly out of the coaching budget, so you've no reason at all to miss out. If you want to be in a Cygnet boat for HORR weekend, you ought to be putting in three months' worth of Thursday night 'fun'.

Also on Thur evening is the welcome return of post-training food. Nick R is stepping up to the plates this week, so please let him know if you want to stick around. See you there.

Sat and Sun mornings - 7.45am and 9.45am outings (for 8am and 10am sharp on the water). Crew lists to follow.

Note that we may have one or two boats going out earlier if that means we can do some side-by-side pieces with the BB Ladies.

Further Ahead

Quintin Head is on Sat 31st Jan, 1.45pm start. We ought to be able to muster two crews for this, so please update your availability, which we use as confirmation that you're up for racing.

If you're interested in attending the British Indoor Rowing Champs on the 8th Feb (Olympic Park Velodrome) let me know. You can enter directly, or they are also hosting relay events this year - ideal for any four Cygnets who fancy their chances over 500m each.

An important Feb date for diaries is Thursday 12th Feb, Cygnet's 125th anniversary. Something will be happening that evening, even if it is in combination with circuit training...

Finally, a little moan to start the year - my Sunday evening riverside run was interrupted by spotting that the shed lights were on, and in fixing that, discovering that the shed garage door was unlocked - you know what to do.

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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