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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 8th Sept 2014

8th September 2014


Well, I hope you enjoyed the 'lull' between seasons.  Because it's definitely over.  We've got a number of important things kicking-off this week: Squad Meeting, new website, Learn-to-Row recruits around, and Coach Sue's back in the country with ergs and set outings.  So do pay attention.

First up, we can proudly announce that the refreshed, revamped, redecorated Cygnet website is back on the scene!


Everything you could possibly want to know about Cygnet is there - including joining, boating, a blog, social calendar, these updates, photos of past glories, tides, weather, flag status.  Enormous thanks to Neil P who has been labouring long and hard on this - take a look now and I think you'll agree that it's been well worth it.  Three quick things:

- direct your friends and colleagues to it, particularly if they've shown the faintest whiff of thinking about rowing;

- some bits of the site will be for members only - info & login details will follow;

- if you've got photos for the site, do please send them to Matt B for approval, editing (photoshopping), and uploading.

Second up, please come along to the Squad Meeting on Thursday evening, 8pm if you can. It won't be long and formal.  But it will be a chance to discuss what we want to get out of the months ahead: competitively, social rowing, and off-the-water.  We won't be nailing down commitment there and then, but the Captaincy and Coach Sue will find it helpful to get an idea of where people are. 

That said, it would be helpful if you could have idea of whether you are looking to row in the Fours Heads (Sat 1st Nov and Sun 2nd Nov), and the Head of the River Race (Sun 29th Mar).  Including availability to train (and not e.g. planning on taking a week off skiing immediately before the biggest race of the year).  Please put availability on the spreadsheet if you can.

I'll also be cooking some food - which may or may not be an incentive.


his week

We don't have any more set outings mid-week, now that there's less light.  Scullers and individual crews can still go out, but be back by sunset unless you're signed off for night-steering, and have lights.

But you can use the time to do this week's Squad Erg!: 30mins, rate-capped at 20spm, blind (i.e. no looking at splits). 

- Use a peice of card and a rubber band to block out the split time, and focus on a) your technique, and b) working as hard and as consistently as you can.

- Enter your distance on the spreadsheet afterwards (I know more of you did 30mins last week than the three times on the speadsheet).

- And whilst you're on the spreadsheet, why not put in your availability for the next month or so?

Thurs - Squad Meeting in the bar, 8pm.  Timed so that you can do you Squad Erg first.  If you'd like some food, please give me a shout so I know how many turnips to peel.

Thurs - is also the next session for the current Learn-to-Row course.  We've got a small but promising looking intake this time around, so do say hello to Jonathan, Mike, Henry, and Valeska when you're down.  We may look to get them into boats on the water sooner rather than later.

Sat am - Outings for Senior and Novice squads - crew lists to follow.

Sun am - Outings for Senior and Novice squads - crew lists to follow.

Further Ahead

You'll have seen Nick B's email about Sculling Camp (Fri 19th to Sun 21st).  You can help him by indicating when you'll likely be down, here: http://doodle.com/mnmpd5k42mm9nqat.

Pairs Head is Sat 4th Oct.  Entries are now open (and will fill up), so speak now if you haven't already done so if you want to race.

Stu's sent out details about the Cygnet Leander Lunch, on 25th Oct.



Author: David French


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