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Cygnet Weekly Update: Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014

2nd December 2014

Evening All,

A little later than usual this week, apologies for the inevitable angst and uncertainty this no doubt has caused you all. As you were.

But lots to report on. First up, hearty congratulations to all our successful scullers on Saturday. And remember that merely getting to the start and the finish of the Scullers Head is a success in itself - particularly with the high flow at the weekend, and the organisers giving any doubtful entrants valid excuses (i.e. their money back) to withdraw.

22:17 79th Sid (TSS)
23:26 192nd Bart
24:14 302nd Neil P
24:33 343rd Guy
24:55 370th Katy B (BBLRC)
25:04 379th Jez

Particular congratulations to Bart, fresh from his strong performance in the Pairs Head, who has taken the crown of Fastest Cygnet Sculler. Thanks also to those that came down to help with boating etc. All in all a good showing for Cygnet.

Speaking of which, yesterday saw us hosting the awards ceremony for the PLA Safest Rowing Club On Tideway Gong. Cash, a nice plaque, and free beer, which is nice. It doesn't happen by accident though, so please do keen focusing on sensible safety steps to avoid damage and injury (and incidentally maybe some more cash, another plaque, and more free beer).

This Week

I'm too late to remind you of Squad Ergs tonight (but if you missed it, you're allowed to do it another day and update the spreadsheet. Encouraged to in fact. Required to). It's 10x 1min on, 1min off, r24, power strokes. Twice.

Thurs - Circuits. Meet at 7.00pm at the club, or 7.15pm at the school.

Thurs - post training food - I think there's a willing volunteer chef on the rota - watch this space.

Sat - morning outings - crew lists to follow.

Sat after outings - the Boathouse Exec (thems that keep the roof over our heads) are looking for anyone to hang around for an hour or so after outings to help with oddjobs round the boathouse. There's bacon butties in it.

Sun morning outings - crew lists to follow.

Two pleas(e) for the active squad

1) Availability availability availability - we can't get boats out if people are either a) unavailable or - much more frustratingly - b) available but haven't told us via the oh-so-convenient google spreadsheet.

2) Race fees. There's no such thing as a free race, and the club pays all race fees up-front to make life easier for you all. All the saints and sinners are also conveniently set out on the spreadsheet, so do take a look to confirm whether you owe Cygnet some £ (hint: there's a 50/50 chance that you do).

Other stuff

It's less than two weeks until the Barnes Bridge Christmas Bash. And minus one day to the deadline for paying for tickets. I daresay they'll still accept your payment if you haven't yet confirmed - you'd be a fool not to.

I think that's all for now.


Author: David French


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