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Deneb Captain's Log X

25th September 2018

Good Evening Cygnets,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It looks like Summer is gone, so let's embrace Autumn with optimism and warm clothes.

Good training session this weekend on the Tideway, Well done everyone , everything went perfect apart from some involuntary group swimming ;), which leads us to... 

SAFETY is very, very, "verrrry" important, so please everyone take a look at this video and please, please be careful out there.

This week Training

4 x 5' @ R24 3 min rest 5k pace
Conditioning and Stretching.
LTR will be in the shed too and it might be busy. Please let at least 6/7 ergs by the door free,

Wednesday: 7:00 PM
WEIGHTS Strength and Conditioning Introduction. Don't miss it.

Thursday: 7:00 PM
2 x 30' @ R18 approx. 30' R20 + 6s 2 mins rest
Conditioning and Stretching.

Outings Will Follow , Please update availability.

Food Thursday: as per Rupert's email, Sian is cooking, please let her know if you are staying for food.

Have a nice Monday eve ,sleep well and have a better week. x


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Author: Neil Pickford


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