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Hammersmith Bridge Closed until further notice

13th August 2020

Hammersmith Bridge Closed to pedestrians and navigation until further noticeNotice posted here and more details here.

PLA Notice to Mariners u10 of 2020 • British Rowing statement here


Due to urgent safety concerns, Hammersmith & Fulham Council have closed Hammersmith Bridge to river traffic following expert technical advice.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council have confirmed that there is significant risk to vessels and persons passing underneath the bridge. We regrettably advise navigation underneath Hammersmith Bridge is not permitted and an exclusion zone of 15 metres upriver and downriver of the bridge has been established.

Arches closed to navigation will be marked in accordance with the Port of London Authority Thames Byelaws 2012 namely:

  • By day, three red discs 0.6 metres in diameter at the points of an equilateral triangle with the apex downwards and the base horizontal
  • By night, three red lights in similar positions to the discs displayed by day.

The Bridge owners are working hard to minimise the duration of the closure and are considering several options. For any enquires regarding the Hammersmith Bridge works and this emergency closure, please contact Mr. Anvar Alizadeh, Highway Structures Manager at Hammersmith & Fulham Council on
020 87533303

A temporary navigation pattern has been put in place by the TRRC. See diagram below


Author: Neil Pickford


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