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Hammersmith Bridge lights

20th May 2021

Hammersmith Bridge remain closed to transiting river traffic. However the Notice to Mariners below describes  a regarding a new "traffic light" recently fitted to the bridge.

Upper Notice - U3 of 2021 - Barn Elms Reach - Hammersmith Bridge - Closed to Navigation, Exclusion Zone & Controlled Transits

With regards to rowing boat transit of the bridge when the light is green the PLA Harbour Master has said the following:

"Yes that's correct when a green arrow shows rowers will be permitted to pass through the bridge, however it's probably going to be a couple of weeks before we get to a stage of being able to show the green arrow.

It should also be noted that if rowers go through the bridge and the status changes to a red cross they'll be stuck on that side of the bridge until it reopens, so it may be worth the clubs considering their options should that happen.

With regard to the no.3 arch [Surrey] at the moment it's going to remain closed, we're in the process of working with LBH&F about options to get it reopened."

Therefor please be patient and wait for the light to go green and also be prepared to do some portage if the light goes red and you're on the 'wrong' side!  Many thanks to the PLA who are working to get No.3 arch open asap so that we can navigate safely.

Author: Neil Pickford


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