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LXXIX Deneb Captain's Log

29th May 2020

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well and starting to enjoy carefully the good weather.

1st Regatta of the season
Last weekend We took part in the Lockdown regatta (Thanks Rupert for organizing). This virtual competition has been organised by students from De Montfort University and Bath Spa University rowing clubs that want to help raise money for the NHS in these challenging times. They were asking people to run 2km rather than row, but the format was that of national rowing events. We entered an 8+ and a Masters 4+ . Well done everyone - Rupert, Charles, Jo, Jim, Jamie, Mustafa, Beth, Martin, Tom, Vasil, Sam, Chris J - it was a lot of fun! You can check some pics in our instagram account.

Also please join us in Strava for possible future events (Thanks Rupert for setting up the account).

Since we are now in low operation modus , it is a good time to review the equipment and do some renovations in the boathouse. An email and excel will be circulated asking for volunteers. More details will follow separately.

Rowing & Training
Outing in singles are taking place since Monday the 18th May. As we move into the next steps of the relaxation we will be updating Training and Activities accordingly. More Information will follow. If you want to take your steering test now is a good moment to do it. Please let me know.

If you are going out, please do make sure you follow the guidelines
If you are not there already there is a WhatsApp group administered by Cara, the safety advisers from both clubs and myself. If you are planning to go sculling and you are not in the group yet please send me your phone number.

The protocols around this group are to:
1) inform any uses of river conditions that may need to be taken into account
2) general information

This is The Google sheet for signing in and out after outings. Along with reporting any damage to boats.

Please be serious in this matter, stick to your slots, the 20 min is the time allowed for getting your boat off the water, back onto the rack and leaving the club. If there is any overlap please wait until the hard is free. Also a reminder that access to the Boathouse and changing rooms where possible should only be in case of emergency.

Have a nice weekend and keep safe


Author: Neil Pickford


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