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LXXXVI Deneb Captain's Log

15th October 2020

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well.

First of all congratulations to Barnes Bridge Ladies for organising Pairs Head, it was very nice to see some action on the river after a long time.

Unfortunately we didn't have any Cygnet crews for the day, hopefully we can amend this for 4s Head/ Vets Head if they go ahead. Speaking of which please let me and Beth if you are keen to race to start planning crews.

Training sessions are in Fitclub. Please update your availability, and book your slots, to help us plan best. Cut off day for the weekend outings is from now on Thursday night.

A few updates re. Shed and Changing rooms.

We still encourage that you do anything you can outside, but for those rainy days or when you need the racks indoors, the shed can be booked for either weights or ergs (not both at once).

For all use of the shed:

  • Open all doors and windows
  • Do not use the fans to point at yourselves - the air needs to move through the shed, not to circulate which fan use creates. (You can however place a fan pointing outwards by the door, this will create a draw of air and keep a draft moving through)
  • Try to avoid touching your face during your session, and wash your hands thoroughly after

For Ergs:

  • A maximum of 4 ergs may be used indoors
  • They must be spaced as far apart as possible, 2m+
  • Clean the erg with the antiviral spray provided before and after use
  • Note that we have now changed the shed priorities days for the ergs to Thursday. 

For Weights:

  • A maximum of 6 people may use the weights indoors
  • Make sure to maintain social distancing
  • Clean the weights you use with the antiviral spray provided before and after use
  • Stand outside / away from the weights when not completing a set

Use of changing rooms

Changing rooms and lockers can now be used to store belongings during an outing, but are still not to be used as changing facilities. Please drop your things off and collect them quickly, washing or sanitising your hands afterwards. Take special care to maintain social distancing from other members when indoors.


  • Careful with the slope it is quiet slippery.
  • Keep in mind days are starting to get shorter, also if very common fog conditions in the morning please think about using lights if required.
  • Please don't overestimate your abilities, this includes the velocity of the stream.
  • Everyone please revise the meaning of the flags - you can see the day weather forecast, tides, including the flag in our webpage.

Follow the guidelines.



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Author: Neil Pickford


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