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Richmond Weir

13th October 2016

There has been a number of incidents in recent months of various recreational river users passing underneath the weirs at Richmond Lock as they are being raised or lowered.

This is a highly dangerous practice for any river user to attempt to pass underneath the weirs during these operations, as there is a high probability of falling debris from the gates at this time.

Please can all members be reminded of this and to ensure that the weirs are fully 'lifted' and the arch closure signs have been removed prior to proceeding through the arch. Or, if the weir gates are being 'lowered', proceed with caution to the lock or the boat rollers on the north shore, and continue your transit along the Thames.

Failure to follow the above safety advice or guidance given to you by the Duty Lock Foreman, then we will be taking firm action with the Master (and Coaches) moving forward.

On a completely separate note: As most people have now been informed, Jon Beckett who had been undertaking the role of Assistant Harbour Master Recreational, moved to a new position within the PLA in September and I have resumed my role following a 2-year secondment. Any issues regarding sport & recreation or the river between Teddington to Putney, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance.

Kind Regards,

Darren JA KnightCMgr

Assistant Harbour Master (Recreational)

Author: Neil Pickford


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