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Chiswick Bridge

7th July 2014

Please see the RWSA's note and NTM link below. These closures should not really affect us as they occur outside of our normal outing times and are mostly overnight. However, for those of you with the luxury of time to have a weekday morning paddle please make sure that you avoid clashing with the arch closures. For clarification the arches are numbered from the North/Middlesex shore.


"There have been complaints that particularly last weekend rowers were ignoring the Chiswick Bridge arch closure as described in this NTM. Rowers have also been ignoring instructions from the safety boat in attendance. The No.1 arch is the Middlesex Arch, No2 the Central Arch and the No.3 Arch is the Surrey Arch. Currently No.1 Arch is shut and will not be open until 10:00 on 31st May. No.3 arch will be shut from 10:00 1st June and will remain shut until 22:00 8th June.

The reasons for the arch closure is your own safety. The contractors and safety boat have been asked to note any boat id's of crews ignoring the NTM and when possible take photographic evidence. The Thames Regional Rowing Council will take strong action against any club found to be putting its members at risk by allowing them to ignore safety advice in the form of an NTM."

Anthony Reynolds, RWSA, TRRC

Author: Neil Pickford


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