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Cygnet Rowing Club
on the Tideway since 1890
CSSC Sports and Leisure


We very much value our coxes at Cygnet and consider them to be part of the crew as well as the club (so much so that we don't usually charge them subs). We also encourage the coaches to educate the coxes as much as they do the oarsmen.

Like most clubs, we are alway on the look-out for coxes. Experienced coxes are always very welcome but we also take on novice coxswains and teach them how to do it - and once you've learned to cox on the Tideway, you can cox anywhere!

All steers, including coxes, are required to take the club steering test before being allowed onto the river unaccompanied. If you're not familiar with the Tideway, you will start by only coxing experienced crews containing a qualified steersmen and gain experience before being allowed to go 'solo'.